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Ahhh! A Rescue 911 thread :) Thank you so much!

I loved watching this as a kid. I remember it being on Tuesday nights (although I could be mistaken). There's some episodes up on YT that I'll sometimes put on for nostalgia. The two most memorable episodes for me was the kid who got stuck in the laundry chute simply because he was hilarious and the guy who had the bobcat break into his house because shit, that would scare me to death. I'm pretty sure I would have given the bobcat custody of the house as well as anything else he wanted!

I also remember (due to my horrible bee phobia) the two major bee ones. There was the guy on the lawn mower who got attacked by the killer bees and then there was a bee truck that overturned. I always tried to avoid those episodes if I could.

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I was working in an ER when this show was running, so I never missed it. We were happy they were showing first responders, who are still some of my favorite people. One episode featured a rescue out on Alligator Alley in Florida. I don't remember much about the actual rescue, but EMTs from the actual rescue got to be in the reenactment, and they came into our ER often. I remember watching with some of them and most of the ER staff. One of the EMTs in the episode would tell us, "I'm wearing my Rescue 911 shirt" when he brought patients in.   

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The two most memorable episodes for me:


1. A little girl gets her foot stuck in the toilet drain, requiring the rescuers to unbolt the toilet from the floor, carry it(and her)outside, and break it apart with an axe to free her;

2. A man tries to rob a house by going down the chimney and got stuck, with his face visible from the fireplace.(The homeowners were asleep at the time, and when the lady discovered the burglar, she asked "What are you doing in my fireplace?"  He answered, "I'm Santa Claus, who else?" Her response:. "I don't see any presents, and I KNOW I've been a good girl!"  It was actually almost Christmas,  and the homeownerst took pictures of the guy hanging upside down in the chimney and put them on their holiday cards.)

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I remember watching Rescue 911 and discussing it with my classmates.

1. I loved the bobcat guy and his house since it was a lot nicer in comparison to most of the others.

2. I used to shake my head at the ones that featured kids nearly drowning due to irresponsible parenting! Contrary to popular belief, it seems that the trend of parents not watching their kids didn't start in the late 90s, but way before that judging by what I saw on the show. I can remember being 5-6 and having close calls with kids at the park who walked too close to the swings!

3. The girl who had an allergic reaction at the prom.

A lot of the show is available on You Tube.

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Loved this show.    Rarely missed a show.  My favorite weird  but happy one was the cute puppy who got tangled in the phone receiver cord and kept tapping the operator or emergency bottom with its paw....and heavy breathing.   I always had small dogs and never doubted it could happen

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I'm so glad they are other fans of this show! I never missed it either....I have a lot of episodes that I watch of it....that I have saved from YT.

some of the stories were very sad too and has stuck with me...

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Unintentionally funny moment on Rescue 911 :-)

911: Emergency -

Caller: Um, hi. This is Macy's, Union Square. I have - a crowd, tearing down the tree at Union Square Park.

911: The Christmas tree?

Caller: That's correct.

911: Don't you see a police officer there? They're all detailed there.

Caller: They're all busy.

911: Oh. *deflated* So about how many people are invovled in tearing down this Christmas tree?

Caller: About twenty. About twenty people are climbing the tree, there are people taking down decorations and what not.

911: Okay, we'll have someone out there

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