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  1. I have a few! When she showed up to help Luke find an apartment for him and Jess. I loved the teasing. Snuffy! And Luke is horrified but you can tell how much he values her opinion. One's Got Class and The Other One Dyes. I lose it every time she finds the picture of Butch and there's the part when Luke is sitting on the bench and Lorelai is talking in an accent about how she'd die if Butch walked away, Luke is fighting to not laugh/smile. He enjoys their banter. The scene when he's fixing her shoe at the dance marathon and lets her know that he doesn't really feel that way about kids and if he met the right person, it would be a discussion and Lorelai agrees that if she met the right person, more kids would be nice.
  2. It definitely was! It's a very annoying dynamic that still grates to this day because, effing Chris man. We pretty much posted at the same time lol, but in my previous response, I said I do agree it was shared blame between Lorelai/Chris and Emily/Richard. Like all four have a very skewed way of seeing the situation. I just loathe Chris with the fire of a thousand suns so all episodes surrounding him and Lorelai and their relationship make me enraged! LOL. Which is why the majority of s7 remains a dumpster fire, except for the post-CL eps that is.
  3. Oh I definitely agree with both of these sentiments. I do think Lorelai was pretty much fine with being a single mom and she preferred it that way. Truthfully, everyone (save for Rory because she was the kid in this situation) shares in the blame for the dynamic IMO. Emily and Richard for sticking with the "if you had only gotten married" narrative, Chris for really not stepping up 90% of the time, and Lorelai for enabling it and even justifying it in a way with framing it as they have to be a couple/live together = Chris to be a father to Rory. Because Chris didn't have to be romantically linked to Lorelai to parent Rory. I also kind of believe Chris used it as an excuse, the oh, well, I can't be with Lorelai yet so I can't really parent Rory. Likewise, he didn't have to stay with Sherry to raise Gigi. So, as much as I believe Lorelai preferred being the sole caregiver to Rory, I also think Chris preferred the situation the way it was too. Go and come as he pleased, have sympathy from Emily and Richard, etc. Really there isn't an excuse for Chris being so absent. Not showing up at her high school graduation. He's barely mentioned in Rory's freshman year of college. Basically Chris was convenient plot device for the P's to use when they wanted to have strife between E/R/L or LL. Otherwise, Chris who?
  4. Yeah, the whole Nicole storyline was just a mess in general, but Lorelai's reaction was OTT. Part of it was the Palladino Inconsistent Writing rearing its ugly head. Luke's been in two prior serious (assuming Anna was kind of serious) relationships pre-Nicole, but somehow doesn't know not to talk about another woman on a first date? Sigh. Not that it affected Lorelai. I think she would have been jealous regardless, but it was definitely different from Rachel who attempted to befriend Lorelai vs Nicole who (again, well within her rights after Luke spent their first date babbling about her!) was more standoffish. Maybe I'm wrong and it did affect Lorelai because knowing that Nicole didn't like her put her on edge and I think she reacted so wild because she had this 'omg, what if Nicole manages to turn Luke against me?' way of thinking whereas with Rachel, it didn't seem like she would 'take' Luke away from Lorelai? I don't know if that makes sense haha. Regardless of why, it was still appalling and I can't watch that episode with the bells. If I were Luke, I would have reevaluated my friendship with Lorelai for sure. Likewise, if I were Lorelai, the bullying over her young date would have given me major major pause. I agree that I was sad they didn't continue to go the route they had with Lorelai and Rachel and just letting each other be happy. It was an uncomfortable situation to be put in, but Lorelai handles it well. She's also rightfully wtf when Luke keeps staying at her house (I almost forgot about the breaking in. God these two really had boundary issues!) avoiding Rachel. Which is why the dichotomy between Lorelai being encouraging with Rachel and Luke being territorial with Max is pretty damn jarring. He was so creepy in that scene. Long and short of it, Lorelai and Luke had some really ugly moments as friends when they should have apologized and didn't. Oh, Max. He's another UO. I never liked him. Don't get me wrong, I'm not on board with how Lorelai handled the ending of the engagement, but Max was really pushy in the beginning of their relationship. She was giving him valid reasons why they shouldn't date and he's brushing them off like eh, no big deal. We like each other. EYEROLL. Again, I reiterate that Lorelai didn't handle things well with the engagement and then calling it off. Honestly, they were incompatible. I think Lorelai had this vision of who she wanted to be with Max and I think Max had a very different idea of who Lorelai was when the fact of the matter is who they truly were was never going to mesh.
  5. Richard could be a real ass to Emily. Yesterday UP had 3x01 on, and he's such a massive dick to both Emily and Lorelai when he finds out about Chris and Sherry. If Chris found someone who would let him be a father to his own kid?! That's some revisionist history, Richard. I wasn't aware Lorelai denying Chris a romance meant she was keeping Rory from him/stopping him from being part of her life. Which brings me to my nitpick: the show's constant waffling and wavering when it comes to Chris. Is he a deadbeat dad or is the poor schlub who wanted to marry Lorelai for 20 years (eyeroll) who she kept stringing along? Is he the irresponsible kid who got Lor pregnant at 16 or poor long suffering Chris who is blocked from being a father at all times by Lorelai? Sorry. Some of my anti-Chris is showing. I know.
  6. Yes, exactly! It wasn't up to Luke who Lorelai dated, and it wasn't any of Lorelai's business who Luke dated. Lorelai crossed boundaries with the Chilton mom, but also when he moved in with Nicole. Ahhhh, shut up Lorelai! Cringe. That's my big cringe Lorelai moment when it comes to Luke. I also thought the scene in the first season finale with Luke-Max and the toolbox was another cringe Luke moment, especially since Lorelai had really been encouraging him to work things out with Rachel a few episodes prior! But even in the scene with Max, he's not being outwardly cruel like he was with the young guy. Like you, I wish someone had just been like "yo, either shit or get off the pot because boundaries!" And yes, apologies, too.
  7. Confession: I probably dislike Jess more than any adult person should dislike a fictional character. I feel like at this point it's just purely to spite the rational part that is like "c'mon, it's been YEARS." No, shut up rational part. I'm a good person. Just let me have this, okay? LOL. Tangent. Anyway, it's hard as a non-Jess fan and a Lorelai fan that she has these moments where I have no choice but to defend Jess. (Car gate is the other one.) I think it was two-fold. One, Lorelai did genuinely want to help Luke out and two, she was used to teenagers being more amenable with her (Rory, Dean, Lane, hell, she even had moments where she managed to calm Paris down.) but like, read the room, woman! If I was 17, had been pretty much for all intents and purposes kicked out of my house, sent to live with my uncle in a town of crazies (I mean this in an endearing way....sort of. Most of the time, I did find them funny, but other moments, like yeah, Lorelai, how awful of you to not try harder to get like 40 extra college graduation tickets so the whole town can attend!), the very last thing on earth I'd want is some lady telling me how great it is, give it a chance, etc. Even with the best of intentions, there's just times you don't need to be spreading your wisdom like that. It was misguided and patronizing. That being said, the sleeping with Luke comment did hit way closer to home. It's telling that that is the comment that set her off.
  8. I'm an admitted LL shipper, but they both had some terrible moments when they were just friends that really crossed the line, and this is absolutely one of Luke's. The guy wasn't even that young. He was probably 25-26, maybe even older. And Lor was probably around my age - 33. It's not the world's biggest age gap, and it's kind of moot anyway since Lorelai went into it knowing she wasn't going to date him seriously. Nothing wrong with that. But even if she had, they were both adults. Luke acted like the dude was 14. It was really inappropriate. Especially the line about a height bar like at amusement parks? Luke, STFU.
  9. Quirky = unprofessional, rude, etc. The final nail in the coffin for me was when she admitted to not watching season 7 while writing the revival. My god, woman. I wouldn't be above giving her a second chance if she had an ounce of humility and admitted that the end of season six was her petty way of getting back at the network and using the fans to do so. The worst part was that there was actually growth at the end of the seventh season for the characters, albeit with a need (and room) for more, and it was ignored. Le sigh. Although, who knows. The more you watch, the glaring lack of consistency/continuity in seasons 1-6 jump out at you like whoa. That being said, I still feel like Gilmore Girls is a sort of comfort blanket show to watch, and it's why I'm still bitter at certain storylines and the way certain characters were written.
  10. I had no idea until the Emmy's that that was ASP's show. Then she won twice in a row and I went "ugh, great." I'll forever dislike her for what she did in season six. I've heard how great the show is too, but like Andromeda said, I will not let myself get attached to another ASP creation.
  11. Exactly. Whenever I'm watching an episode of Disappeared and it's a young child who goes missing, they always find that suspect who not only has a criminal record of sexual abuse, but is also in possession of CP. Shocking! Not. Why are they allowed back on the streets? Yes! I won't discount that there are those adults who are planning to leave on their own for whatever circumstance without informing anyone, but if you know someone is responsible and always shows up to work, etc, then yes, not showing up for their job should raise a red flag and should be treated as an emergency right off the bat. In Tabitha's case, I agree that she was most likely abducted and probably killed soon after. I'd be very surprised if she was still alive after all of this time. Not saying it couldn't happen, but I'd say it's unlikely. I felt so bad for her mom. What an awful experience to go through and still be going through. Unfortunately they really didn't have much to go on in this case other than the initials on the note (not saying much) and the car, but then they found out it wasn't a red car, but a green one. I do wonder about the sister's ex-bf, simply because the family alibi is really easy to come by and he did know Tabitha. I guess I find it hard to believe she'd get into the car with someone she didn't know at all.
  12. Amy Bradley, and I know. I just watched her Disappeared episode and people like that and now possibly the PI in the Ali case make me enraged. You have to be a special kind of low life to take advantage of parents and families who are desperate to find their kids. Right there with you. For me, the hardest part is the not knowing. I sit here thinking most of these people are probably dead, but even I hold out hope that they are alive so I can't imagine what the families go through. Such agony. WTF?? This. This this this. Wasn't there just a guy on the news who raped a neighbor who was a child and got like 90 days probation or house arrest. Something ridiculous like that. Mm-hmm. Agreed. I'd also argue the 48 hour rule when it comes to adults is wasting precious time. I get it, that an adult is able to disappear and do what they want, but the 48 hour window is always critical and even then, I've seen episodes where families and friends have to jump through hoops to declare person X missing. So, it's infuriating when it happens with minors.
  13. Oh hell. You had to go there didn't you? LOL. Don't send this out into the universe. Y'all know the writers of this show. I saw someone reference this on twitter and then I remembered who Tess is. I had to rewatch the scene myself. Back in season 1, specifically 1x06, Stef goes to drop off groceries at Frank's and they talk about the church and why Stef never goes to church. Stef reminds him of the time when she was in high school and Frank caught her and her friend Tess cuddling on the couch. He then sent her to a priest who proceeded to tell her that being gay was a sin. ETA: I decided to take the spoiler wrap away since I think we have all watched season 1 by now. LOL.
  14. She definitely did. I was like nah, you're lying. Don't get me wrong. He's not bad looking, but he's not exactly Warren Beatty-esque or some other classic guy that women would dream over. But it's not his looks so much as, he just seems like a regular average guy?? I can understand why Taylia (sp?) liked him and even Callie to an extent, but then he as older girls like Grace and Cortney and I just don't get it.
  15. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm sure David Lambert is great and all, but what do all of these girls see in Brandon? I honestly had BH90210 flashbacks to when Clare did the same thing...for yet another Brandon. Yeah, he's decent looking, but handcuffing yourself to a bed? For Brandon? Cringe.
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