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  1. Yes! With enough warning to 1) identify what it is and know it's valuable, 2) project exactly when and where on Earth it will land, 3) identify the property owners, 4) find their weakness, 5) get their DNA, 6) clone a baby and grow it to that size (though Veidt's machine seems to indicate once you have a fetus the rest can go pretty fast).
  2. Tried in season 1, if you can believe it. Nutso coconut-phone guy cast his vote for Probst, and they had to re-do it.
  3. This show is so good! Every time you think it's gonna zig, it zags. Last week people were wondering why no one thought they were in the bad place, or in an experiment (even Jason figured it out once!) and sure enough, this week they do! And they reached the end of the experiment halfway through the season. Of course I thought it would last until the end, but it's here already. Such a ride on this show!
  4. I really hope this sequence was foreshadowing the final-four challenge and she beats him again at fire starting. I hope every episode starts with him wasting 2 hours, not being able to do it, not letting anyone else even try, then, huffing and stepping aside for Kellee and she does it in 2 minutes. Then at final four she just crushes him.
  5. If you pay attention, he relates everything back onto himself and his own awesomeness. The "metoo movement is now somehow something Jamal takes personal pride in? Could my eyes roll back any farther? Everything about Jamal is the living, breathing personification of Smug
  6. If I remember the graphic novel correctly, at some point Veidt does say "I'm not some Republic Serial villain", which is a reference to the twirly-mustache bad guys of old movies. In the Watchmen movie, they changed this line: he says "I'm not some comic book villain". That was a nice touch. He said it again in his dictated letter to the Game Warden.
  7. I have no idea how the writers resisted the urge to have Torres pull the cloth off the crow cage and say "looks like I've uncovered a murder" and then have Bishop find the body and say "Me too".
  8. If Jason's EW interview is accurate, it seems the original plan was to split the old Lairos: get Aaron and Missy to flip and vote Elaine, have Elaine and Elizabeth vote for one of them, then, the original Vokai's would all vote for Aaron. They didn't trust him and would have preferred to keep Elaine in the game, with the bonus of having Elaine mad at Missy and potentially willing to come to their side. That's why there was so much whispering after the Block-A-Vote, they weren't sure if they'd have the numbers (though, they could have!) and decided to just go along with the "fake" plan of voting off Elaine. If they trusted both Aaron and Missy to flip, though, they could have still gone through with the Aaron vote.
  9. I dunno, there's something off about his nose. Either it's been broken and healed crooked, or it's too big and in the wrong place or something.
  10. This is what I'm assuming, Don Johnson was the sheriff who's secret a member of the Bad Guys, because that mirrors the plot of the black & white movie the boy was watching in Tulsa in the first scene. The boy grew up to be the Black Sheriff Who Saves the Day (name escapes me at the moment).
  11. I can take a guess at factors in play, the largest of which that Vince would have "no tomorrow" if he saved himself with an idol. That is, he's already burned the men and if was going to be voted out by the women, he has no one to work with anymore anyway. So getting all (or even just some of) the girls' votes this tribal and canceling them out wouldn't mean much. So using the idol means he has to root for a tribe swap the next day, instead of going home to where he knows he's on the outs with everyone. Retaining the idol means he can use it next tribal (maybe necessary after a tribe swap), or, keep it and use it as a fake idol later. Factor in his confidence in getting his Tom ploy to work and I guess he just did the math and found it was better to hope he stays, than use the idol and stick around and play with seven or eight sworn enemies for the rest of the game, however long he lasts in that situation.
  12. Just faux drama for the cameras. Of course he succeeded in the mission. They are just being TV fake.
  13. Just found out that the places it's screening have expanded considerably. Now it appears to be in most of the AMC Theaters in my area for a day in November. I'm guessing the Emmys (near) sweep had an impact. Link: http://ntlive.nationaltheatre.org.uk/productions/ntlout37-fleabag
  14. It really felt like one of those red-herring edits, where the editors choose some random person to focus on as a target just to keep some suspense going into tribal. But then everyone was in on it except Molly, Jamal, and Jack... I did not see that coming.
  15. Aaron's behavior after tribal wasn't great. But Vince... even worse.
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