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  1. Charlesman

    Masterchef (US)

    I noticed Subha did this in this episode, lol He tasted his sauce, loved it, dipped the spoon back in for a second taste it was just so delicious of course, tasted it again, then dropped the twice-used spoon back in the same bowl. Surprised none of them caught it.
  2. Charlesman

    S12. E02. A Storm Is Brewin'

    I thought it was hilarious that the guy who said last week "Really, I don't have to do a watercolor background every time" managed to do one in a black & gray challenge. It looked like a terrible decision, but there it was!
  3. Charlesman

    S06.E01: Icebreaker

    My (mostly not-really serious) conspiracy theory is that he tried really, really hard to get a fire going with sticks, saw his camera had stopped recording, and decided to use that as cover to pop out the battery and used a bit of wire to jumper its connections to get a spark ;)
  4. Charlesman

    Masterchef (US)

    I want whatever that cake thing was
  5. Charlesman

    Masterchef (US)

    When I first started watching this show years ago, I'd wonder how they'd decide who gets to go through to the actual show from the auditions. I would imagine it's tough, early on, for the judges to decide if someone did, or didn't, deserve to be in the top-20 having only tasted a few dishes and not having much to compare it too. How silly would it be should someone cook in an early matchup, have a great, but not better than the person next to them, dish... only to be denied a spot, and have everyone that follows fail to measure up and be sent home prematurely? Then I realized that they must have some idea of who is going to be a talented chef, and who is cannon fodder, before the judges actually taste their food. I mean, if the producers are watching audition tapes, then call up a cook to say "we're thinking of having you audition, what's your signature dish?" and he says "I'm going to mix a traditional Indian stew from my homeland into a classic Creole delicacy of my adopted country," and you just know they penciled him in as one of the 20 'contenders' to make the cut. Then they just had to find 20 other idiots to round out the rest of the competition to make it good for TV. And they knew they had one of them all set when he answered the signature dish question with: "I'm going to bake a vannoli. It's a vagina cannoli."
  6. Maybe I read too deeply into things, but, I couldn't help but notice after all the talk of the LGBTQ+ issues in Uganda... the detour task was to assemble a bundle of sticks... I don't know if Production was thinking everything through.
  7. Charlesman

    Survivor in Other Countries

    Heck of a weird play in the most recent Survivor South Africa tribal council. One of the worst mis-reads of all time.
  8. Charlesman


    Season 2 is coming to Amazon on May 17
  9. Charlesman


    Quite well done
  10. Charlesman

    S16. E17. Silent Service

    It's always fun to spot the Star Trek: The Next Generation connections on this show. The sub captain was named Reginald Barclay.
  11. Charlesman


    "Ah, fuck you calling me 'Father' like it doesn't turn you on just to say it." Lordy
  12. Charlesman


    This is a great show. And so fucking crazy. I mean the comedy is hilarious, the sexual tension runs high, and then the outright deep human drama it's all revolving around... just pathos. It's awesome.
  13. Charlesman

    S38.E01: It Smells Like Success

    I wish they would too, but CBS can't anymore because of how Sweeps fall in the calendar. Unless they doubled up TAR and did 2 hours a week for a bunch. But I'm glad we get at least one season of TAR a year.
  14. Charlesman

    S38.E01: It Smells Like Success

    Natalie was just last season! Haha exactly! I'm glad Reem got voted out early because watching Natalie hang around for as long as she did was definitely exhausting! It was a better show once she was gone, and I'm hoping that Reem doesn't linger either.
  15. Charlesman

    S38 David Wright

    I went to college with David, nice guy. We worked on a TV comedy show together for a year. Funny thing, one day I ran into Survivor contestant Aubry at a food truck. I mentioned she looked familiar, but couldn't quite place where I knew her from. She said I probably recognized her from Survivor. Then it clicked. "Were you on Millennials vs Gen X?" I asked. "No, I was on the season before that." "Oh, that's right. My friend David was on the Gen X tribe so that's the one I watched." She instantly knew who David was, and said they'd become friends on the Survivor circuit. Said she'd pass along a hello from me.