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S13.E29: Sparks Will Fly, Part One

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The dream role that Zoe finally lands hits too close to home after her assault; Claire is in a pickle as she searches for a date to Wild Wild West Night; Miles's top priority is settling the score with Zig as they fight for Maya's affection.
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Well... OK.


- Everything about Miles/Maya/Zig is just terrible. I can kind of understand why Maya wants to be careful with Zig, since he's homeless and off the rails but she also doesn't actually owe him anything. When she told him she wasn't ready to date, way back when, that didn't mean, "when I am ready, it'll be you". And making Miles go along with this secret relationship was idiotic, on both of their parts. No one's benefiting from this. Ricardo's a good looking kid, so that helps, but I'm finding Zig more and more unbearable. He's being smug and possessive, claiming Maya as his own, and according to next week's promo, he calls her his sloppy seconds?! I can't imagine what the explanation for this will be, nor do I expect for it to be even remotely acceptable. And "love triangle" aside, I can't understand what I'm supposed to think of Zig. Is he trying to be a badass and failing miserably, or is that what constitutes a badass on this show now? His punk attitude is laughable.


- I'm a Clew fan but I was pretty surprised by the amount of movement on their story from last week to this week. Last week, Drew left her knowing that he was aware of their situation but leaving it up to her. This week, he was on her case about her deserving better and needing to dump Eli. Last week, Clare seemed at a crossroads, looking like she was finally going to address her relationship with Eli, which had been long overdue. This week, she insisted that she and Eli were a lock (after that conversation with Drew? Really?) and that everyone needed to back off. It felt like whiplash and I didn't see the purpose of it.


If they'd kept the story the same, except not have Drew pushing her to make a decision, it might have been better. This should be about Clare, not Clare/Drew. It's not unreasonable that she feels lonely and neglected, and I totally agreed with her saying that she was in love with what they used to be... all of that is legitimate but having Drew on her case makes her feelings and decision seem questionable. It comes off like she's dumping Eli simply because Drew's available, reliable, and interested, not because she, of her own volition, is done with the relationship, and just happens to have a new guy lined up.


- Zoe's last screen test was like watching a completely different show, geez. I thought all the casting people were assholes; it was uncomfortable to watch her try so hard to please them, to the point of reliving her trauma, when clearly they didn't give a crap. I was glad to hear about the trial, good to know this won't be the end of her big story. Really hated Tristan's attitude re: the quiz team. He's such a hanger-on and anything that threatens his status is a huge problem that he needs to correct. Really, who's gonna jump on her about it? Besides the fact that no one ever seems to get more than a sentence or two said about their supposed nerdiness, what asshole's going to bully a rape victim for doing a school activity? And Alli was really nasty in this episode, and I don't know why. Sure, Zoe was pretty sullen about it but smirking and insulting her because she couldn't answer questions at her first meeting? Why? What is this doing for you, Alli? Never liked her.


13C finale next week, eh? Well, I've been looking forward to Eli catching Clare and Drew together (because while she can only imagine what he was doing with Lenore, he's gonna get actual imagery, and he deserves it) but based on the promo, he's gonna come in like he's been wronged? Nope. I'm not interested in Eli chewing her up and acting like the victim, yet again. I hope she hands his ass to him.

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I was sure that the director was going to get physical with Zoe when she was auditioning and everyone else left the room.  Pull down his pants and demand payment for the part.  I'm glad they didn't go that way. . . .

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Not the best, but all the drama's going to be in part 2 so yeah. But I did like the overall theme of the characters being stuck between two choices and kinda dithering about it.


I heard next season is going to be about 30 episodes. Good. If they aren't going to do a summer novella, than they need to do a regular episode season count because man, the writers are spreading themselves thin. Looking back at last year, I think they could've did that summer block in like, 4 episodes. I don't even remember much before 13C.


A-Plot. This really dragged. Like, this could've been solved in one episode. But I'm glad Maya looked like the bad guy here. Make up your mind, girl. Olivia continues to do most of the work in the scenes with her and Ricardo but I'll still be happy with Zaya.


B-Plot. CLEW. Okay, now it's made clear that Clew is simply another EClare roadblock/pothole. Clare's more in love with the idea that Drew is THERE for her and Eli is not. She is being a little selfish but she's still messed up from the cheating and is subconsciously still trying to get back at Eli for it. A lot of people are hating her for it, but I think she's acting pretty normal for someone in that situation. The voicemail breakup, complete with what she said pretty much proves that she's still hurt. I think EClare will rebound only because with this, they'll be "even" and I honestly can't image Clare and Drew actually being romantic and stuff. But CLEW.


C-Plot. Wow, that scene with the guy creeping on Zoe's character creeped ME out. I'm glad to see Alli leading Bright Sparks (where's Connor? I guess they didn't want to pay the actor) and Zoe is a weird fit but it continues her theme of being stuck between being a celebrity and being a normal kid.


Tristan bugged in this episode, someone please write an episode where I like him.

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Clew is portmanteau for Claire-Drew. She's a good girl nerd type and he's an ex-jock/reformed shallow player/finally growing up a little/now using his charm for politics instead of sexual conquests. It's surprising how much chemistry they have because they've  been in scenes together for years and it never manifested before. That's acting, I guess!


I don't understand why Clare expects Eli to be able to visit her all the time. He's in NYC and she's where? Toronto or something? I'd think during school vacations would be the most she could expect. Certainly not for frequent short weekends. If she thinks it's so easy, why doesn't she go visit him? On the other hand, the fact that he can't even make time for phone calls is ridiculous. I had a LDR and I lived for those phone calls! And they're both writers! They'd be emailing each other constantly, having epic literary sex, and making ample use of phone and text. Back in the day, we had to send love letters thought the snail mail and pay shockingly high long distance phone rates, but we made it work. I can't believe how silly it is that these two aren't tearing up the free and rapid communication options now available, to keep things alive-- if they really are serious. The fact that they aren't, to me says the relationship really is over and Clare was right, though I don't believe she would have jumped ship if she didn't have Drew in the wings, which speaks to her lack of confidence but it still doesn't mean she's wrong about Eli losing interest and their relationship being dead.


I liked Zoey headbutting her co-star, even though obviously it was not professional of her. I think having her play this role is bad judgment but that's how Degrassi rolls. If 99% of the time the characters didn't have bad judgment, they'd have a totally different show.


I liked Alli  being bored with Clare's drama, but at the same time: who is Alli to weary of anyone else's drama? She's the most drama-heavy character in the ensemble! I didn't mind her being a little bitchy to Zoey because Zoey is in fact an incredibly shitty person, has been incredibly cruel to Alli's best friend (with the Maya video), and her having been assaulted by some other incredibly shitty people doesn't change that. She acts bitchy and entitled and Alli basically said: no, bitch, you have to earn your place like everyone else. If Zoey had been someone more likable, Alli probably would have been nicer in how she explained what's expected, but the situation is what it is.


I thought Maya was attracted to Zig. She only stayed away form him before because of his relationship with her friend, right? I think it would be in character for her to have a genuine interest in him and to be actually truly torn between him and Miles. I also think that both guys have acted badly so she's right to be hesitant to commit to either. Her way of handling it is horrible, and will surely blow up in her face, but I think her indecision may be genuine. I also wish that kids this age didn't feel obligated to be exclusive from day 1. It's kind of ridiculous, really.


Tristan is so unlikable, it's hard to think of words to describe how much he psucks.

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I like some of the Zig/Maya dialogue. Degrassi loves relationship plots and the writing on them is usually the best writing on the show. Yeah, he's ridiculous and not at all edgy. But like emo Gunnar on Nashville, I think the writers don't expect us to take it completely seriously. At least, I hope they don't. I mean, they let him sing "Oh Susannah." I used to be in favor of Zig/Maya and even with all the craziness, I still think it would be a healthier relationship than Maya/Miles because his clingyness and jealousy is pinging my warning radar. It's weird that they're suddenly spinning it into Maya feeling guilty about Zig when I do think there is attraction there and when she seemed to be legitimately into him not that long ago.


I'm not sure why they decided to bring back the director who helped Eli get into NYU... or something like that. 


This was apparently the "Tristan gives terrible advice" episode. I was looking forward to seeing Zoe put her photographic memory into action and interact with some different characters... even if it was a little Mean Girls.


Eye roll at Clare and the rat. Really? You can't deal with a rat. Maybe it's because I live in a NY apartment but come on.


Does it feel like Drew's hair is changing all the time? The style, the cut. Not that much time is passing in between episodes.


Clare has a ways to go to be as awful as Valentina on Devious Maids though I still think she's blowing things a little out of proportion. She's in a long distance relationship and Eli is in college. He's not going to be there for her all the time. 


Maya's performance this week was worse than the worst performance on Nashville. Yes, worse than Connie Britton.

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