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S33: Lucy Huang

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Hi.  I'm deluded enough to think I can play Jeremy's winning game.

I think she'll do decently if she can contribute well to challenges, as well as have a good alliance.  But I can't see her having a good head for the game.

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When she talks about the younger generation getting distracted while driving and getting themselves lost-I think that's why GPS was invented.  I don't let myself get distracted with electronics while driving, and I'd still get myself lost without it.

Another one that brings up the 'everyone getting a trophy' mentality.  And one that's doing it for the moms out there.  On the fence with how she'll do.  Seems nice, but boring.

From the Holmes interview:


Holmes: How well do you deal with being lied to?
Huang: If it’s a strategy I can respect…it wouldn’t be so bad. I know this is a game and I have to deal with it.

Something tells me she isn't going to respect anything about being lied to.

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Pre-game interview with Josh Wigler:


So she thinks the twist might be another tribes based on ethnicity theme, which is kind of a sad commentary on the lack of diversity on Survivor (though this season is quite diverse atleast among the females anyway).

 I see a couple of Asians, and I’m not used to that. Usually there’s the one token Asian, and I’m surprised that there are two of us — so far, cause I haven’t seen anybody yet. But I’ve wondered if this is a race thing, an ethnicity thing?

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I'm interested in the edit as a whole for team GenX.  I hope they can spare more than 2 seconds away from the millennals next week, and show us more dynamics here (instead of just shelter building and David's fear of anything and everything).  To answer your question, Kimber, no, I don't remember seeing anything of her at camp.  I didn't even know where she came from at TC.

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She looks a lot older than a Gen X'er too ... She reminds me of the elderly mother at the local Chinese restaurant who's watching the kids while the daughter cooks.  Given that she doesn't say a word -- even when she voted last week -- means she'll get to the end because she's not a threat.

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She got half a second or so this episode. I know because the person I was watching with said something about a Lucy, I said "who is Lucy?", and bang there she was on a big part of the screen. Luckily I wasn't blinking or I'd have missed her.

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Well it looks like Lucy met one of her goals though I doubt she thought she'd accomplish after day 6.

From her parade interview linked above:

 "Us Asians, we grow up pretty competitive. That’s the way I grew up. Right now, I’m like, “No, you’re not going to be the last Asian standing. It’s going to be me!”

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1 hour ago, LanceM said:

No, you’re not going to be the last Asian standing. It’s going to be me!”

haha, excellent!

Reminds me of past players who just wanted to make the jury, and just barely got their wish.

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Finally gets a speaking part 4 episodes in, and it is her undoing.  Maybe she needed to be like CeCe, who seems to be doing a good job of not doing anything, and having no real idea what's going on.  Much like Courtney said about Jean Roberte once "her name is always up there, but she never quite gets voted off."  I'm not sorry Lucy went, but dang, I thought for sure it was going to be misdirection.

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