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Ryan: Thinks He's Too Smart For This S**t

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Ryan, a 27-year-old medic who enlisted in the Army Reserve and hopes to become a police officer. 

I can't stand people who think they are smarter than anyone else. 

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I won’t go so far as to say I like him, but Ryan doesn’t bother me (yet).  He does seem to think he is a bit self important, but at least he is far more self aware than Robert who thought jail was going to be a cake walk.  Also, I think he feels like he needs to try to fit in, unlike Robert who believed himself to be the cat’s ass.  I don’t see Ryan trying to play the games Robert did either. Ryan strikes me as someone who can admit when he is in over his head.   Ryan and Robert seem like apples and oranges to me.   I don’t really think he is a great fit for this program, but at least I get the impression he is taking it more seriously than Robert did. 

I cannot understand why these guys think putting the wimpiest people in D pod is a good idea, and I think it is ridiculous that the officers think Ryan is too intelligent for jail.  Plenty of people with more than half a brain land themselves in jail.  However, I should qualify that by acknowledging the fact that I don’t think even half this show is unscripted. 

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Yeah, I'm not even comparing the two. Robert is his own brand of crazy. Ryan just looks so smug all of the time. That's what bothers me the most. I hope he learns a lot from this experience. 

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I like Ryan. I suspect he might be mildly "on the spectrum" since he is very aware of not having Emotional Intelligence. I don' t think he acted super smart like the sheriff accused him of. I think when he said he was smart, he may have been parroting what the sheriff and show producers were saying to him. 

I do think he should have tried to look scruffier, though.

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There are more descriptive bios on aetv.com.  I posted the full link in the media page, but thought I'd post Ryan's here. 


Ryan recently started the application process to become a police officer. He feels there are too many corrupt officers in this country and wants to make a difference.

After high school, Ryan joined the Army Reserves and went through training at Fort Benning. He then worked as a code team medic within the ICU at a local hospital and is about to finish a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

The aspiring police officer believes that what he sees behind bars will greatly affect the kind of officer he becomes. He equates it to basic training in the military: you must experience it first before you understand how to use the force and power of the weapon. This experience would give him the knowledge to use his authority as a police officer with empathy.

The Sheriff is interested to hear from the young, aspiring police officer who is eager to be part of a generation of change and reform.

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2 hours ago, Watermelon said:

I mean...how smart could he be really if he's aiming to become a police office with a degree in philosophy.  The only other degree that would be as useless would be art history.

There are different kinds of smart.  I know people with genius level IQs who have trouble doing basic life stuff.   Some people pick those "useless" degrees for reasons that sound good to them at the time.   k don't think Ryan is very worldly and he must think a degree in philosophy would help him in that.  

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