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  1. placate

    S07.E06: Swear

    Umm..is Heath dead?
  2. placate

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I was sick with food poisoning when I worked my way through the first two books and then bought the most awful written book to tie together a trilogy that a network wanted to buy. They are running out of comic material but are going to continue with running on. The post Developments are not interesting. Karl being a badass with one eye that Negan wants to romanticize is not interesting. I'm a bit disappoint that Negan gets all these soliloquy. Get better scene handlers and we can talk about season 8.
  3. placate

    S20.E08: Members Only

    I can't believe I'm having this discussion, but I thought his dick was getting dry due to "FUCK THEM ALL TO DEATH!" He could be desensitized and wants more BJs and is asking politely? This season is weird because it didn't turn out as T&M expected so they had to rewrite the script and get it to round the season back and have a cohesive finale with only 2 episodes left.
  4. placate


    Thanks a lot! I missed episode 6 and now things make sense again.
  5. placate

    S02.E14: The Aftermath: Part Two

    Curious about your insight into this. I've been in a few shitty relationships but I don't think Zac calling Ashleigh a cunt=emotional abuser. She doesn't speak up for herself, she seems to call him on the phone and he tells her what he's up to because she isn't talking about anything. He doesn't take into consideration that she's sleep deprived and being influenced by drug use because she never talks to him about anything. When shit hits the fan, he buys off her affection and she takes all his gifts. If anything, I think both of these people are socially awkward and have poor impulse control. This is a band-aid baby that won't solve anything but will be on the receiving end of "I STAY WITH YOUR FATHER/MOTHER FOR YOU!" speech. Got that growing up and told my parents to get divorced when I was 11, but no they were doing it for me and not because they're Catholic and just wanted to rant and give their kids problems, and still married because of taxes despite them hating each other and all the kids being adults. Thank the Flying Spaghetti monster and his noodly appendages for therapists. I think Maples wanted to get into a pissing contest with Ryan. He willfully submitted himself to jail and sheriff dumbass didn't like him making a viable living for himself. Truth be told, I'm actually happy about Ryan and him getting in with the prisoners. He did "win," 60 days in" and that infuriated sheriff dumbass. People were predicting that he was Robert 2.0 but he proved he just had a loquacious grammar set that he dismissed while trying to fit in.
  6. placate

    S02.E08: Seasonal Help / S02.E09: Black Friday

    Are they seriously taking a two month break before showing four episodes?
  7. placate


    I think I missed an episode. Was there an episode between crazy new government and the sister dying and the new husband getting ganked?
  8. Fuck you, Bill Maher. You said MD legalized recreational pot and I went to go google that and it's not true, you got my hope up :(
  9. placate

    The Comics: Same, Yet Different

    Eric is Aaron's partner. Comic!eric is dead, I think tv!eric is still recovering from an injury?
  10. placate

    S07.E03: The Cell

    Exactly, this episode was so boring that I kept wondering why Dwight couldn't be civil and at least toast the bread. I get it's the zombie apocalypse but they have a running generator and no working oven, toaster, toaster oven, or just a flame pit? Savage... This is why I won't watch this show live. They keep getting ratings good enough to have all these damned commercials. Sign me up for just fast forwarding my DVR. They can get the ad revenue back when they remember what proper plot pacing is.
  11. placate

    S02.E13: Bed And Baggage

    No apologies needed, I don't understand the fetish thing but all the gifts were really patronizing to me. Serious and legit animosity brought up between two spouses? Ah, let's just buy our way back into her heart. It makes me sad that Ashleigh was shallow enough to forgive him for materialistic things when the two are raising a child and seem to have legit issues. I've been taught basic gun safety since I was 8. I have a friend who is paralyzed from the waist down because as a young teenager, another friend decided to lift his dad's gun and my friend played around with it and shot himself with it. I've always felt guilt about it because I feel like if I was there, then maybe that wouldn't happen. My issues aside, forgiving someone who cost you a job isn't something you should be lording over them. It isn't something that can be forgiven with handguns. That is a cunt being emotionally abusive to an orphan who went through the system and has very poor self-worth.
  12. placate

    S16.E06: Let the Catfights Begin

    I think Gordon taught a few kids some new words...
  13. placate

    S02.E13: Bed And Baggage

    I use the term as a unisex indicator for someone who I don't feel the term asshole can quite express my disdain. I'm not trying to defend Zac because he was acting like a self-absorbed cunt, but I am a fan of George Carlin. Ashleigh and Zac have the worst communication skills I've seen in a relationship or a lot of the conversation was cut. Zac can't take a second to realize that his wife is locked up and doesn't want to hear about limo rides? Ashleigh can't seem to tell Zac that she's been deprived of sleep for four days and that's because of people doing drugs upstairs, so she's in a bad mood? I know Ashleigh feels like Zac deserves someone better because of the accidental discharge incident, but that's both their faults. If you're not going to secure your gun and someone else has access, teach them basic gun safety. That means telling them to never put their finger on the trigger unless they're going to shoot. If I were to guess, they get to use email on the screen they order commissary from. I'm also willing to guess that they charge the inmates to use the internet.
  14. placate

    Season 3 Discussion

    Well...I kinda thought one or two of those deaths from last season would've stuck, guess not.
  15. placate

    The Strain: Books Vs Show

    Thank you, I'll check them out and hopefully have them done before season 4.