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Will Faces Amy In The Battle Of Friends's Thanksgiving Guests

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Gawd, the "Friends" Thanksgiving episodes are so good!

What I love about the part where Amy tells Rachel that baby Emma isn't that cute is that you can see Phoebe and Joey behind her and they gasp so dramatically, it's the greatest.

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I will always like the Brad Pitt Thanksgiving episode best. The way he insisted they pass him the yams so he could eat his feelings just cracked me up till I was almost crying.

Will: Yams...
Monica: You really don't want to do this. You've been doing so well.

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Brad Pitt Thanksgiving hands down! You could tell everyone had so much fun making that episode. Phoebe's lust for Will (Come on Will, take off your shirt and tell us!), the girl who wanted to be like Rachel so much that she stuffed a tootsie toll down her pants, Ross's fling with the librarian. That's one of my favorite episodes of the series!

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For me it will always be the one with Brad Pitt - one of the few time I could actually enjoy him.

Ross: It was no big deal. We... we said that... the rumor was that you had both male and female reproductive parts.

Rachel: What?

Will: That's right! We said your parents flipped a coin, decided that Rachel was a girl, but you still had a hint of a penis.

Rachel: Oh, my God!

Monica: You started that?

Rachel: What? You heard that?

Monica: Everyone at our school heard it!

Chandler: Everybody at my school heard it! You were the hermaphrodite cheerleader from Long Island?


There are three episodes of TV I watch every Thanksgiving: this one, WKRP's "Turkeys Away" and Mad About You's "Giblets for Murray".

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