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S04.E07: Artist Slaughter

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Kyle really should not have done two seasons back to back. You saw how only ONE season wrecked some contestants' psyche, and how two COMPLETELY wrecked Tatu Baby. Now he's going off the deep end, which is a shame. I feel a little bad because I was one of those people who voted for Kyle to come back last season (I still really liked the Roman Coliseum he did that the judges did not like at all).

But what's weird is that I'm suddenly finding Chris Nunez's critiques...not bad. They're actually constructive versus him posturing, just saying that stuff looks like sh*t or some other witticism. So now Kyle is finding Chris's comments like "You could've put the shadow of a vine behind the glass to give it extra dimension" extra personal. Plus all the mind games that all the other contestants seem to love playing.

This show makes me sad. I don't know why I still watch it. Oh yeah: Dave Navarro.

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I think Kyle is definitely not holding up well this time around, which is a shame.  It's so much pressure & I'm sure it's easy to fall into the cycle of trying to cater your work to what you think the judges want.  It's unfortunately a recipe for disaster because if it's not well received, you may not even have the satisfaction that at least you like it (which it sounds like he's kind of thrown out the window).  His work has been hit or miss and the judges are not pulling punches.  

That being said, I can see how comments like Nunez telling the safe artists to let Kyle know he should have also been up at the chopping block would feel personal.  It seemed uncalled for since there were plenty of low quality choices this week.  

It seems like the past seasons didn't have such a large group producing mediocre work- yes, there are highs along with the lows, but it just seems like a lot of meh this time around.

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Kyle is paranoid and trippin'. Maybe he spent a little bit too much time on the internet on forums where they were discussing the show. I think he's way overthinking it. I do think it was interesting that the other artist's told Kyle that his tattoo was good but Nunez still insisted on delivering that message.

If I were colorblind and in a competition like Inkmaster I would make sure to let everyone know about it. Maybe if this guy did that they could have helped him out and let him know that that yellow just wasn't going to work. Instead he was stubborn and paranoid and all it got him was the boot.

I hope they do one more double elimination. They need to. Can't wait for the much-hyped fight between Kyle and Nunez next week. I'm sure it's much-overly-hyped.

Don't they film this show in a week or two and keep the contestants up for days at a time with little sleep or energy and maximum drama and stress? It's no wonder that Kyle, who is doing this for the second time in a row,  is cracking at the seams.

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While I think Chris Nunez does have a little personal animosity towards Kyle, I don't think Dave & Oliver would let him totally obliterate everything positive Kyle does.  I think Nunez feels "America" chose the wrong person was voted back into this cycle.  I think he wanted Craig (My fave) or Jason back in.  Kyle won NO challenges & rode the centerline most of the season.  (Just my view).

Halo did really well.  I liked his determination to shut up Scott & Maddi. 

Poor Ruck got a crappy canvas 2 weeks in a row.  I wasn't a huge fan of his, but his earlier work was better. 

Sausage was his usual Zen & chilled self.  Love that guy.

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It seems like the past seasons didn't have such a large group producing mediocre work- yes, there are highs along with the lows, but it just seems like a lot of meh this time around.

I still love Sausage but I'm pretty sure that even the top 3 this season wouldn't go close to the top three of previous seasons.

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I think Kyle has a point.  He's not great, but he's hardly as bad as Nunez keeps saying.  

I wouldn't even be watching anymore if it wasn't for Sausage.  Most ridiculous nickname ever, but I love his attitude in contrast the rest of these assholes.


I do love that the Human canvass jury for a change actually worked and that the total bitch that Melissa had a for a client got called out by one of the others for her impossible attitude.  But then the judges called her down anyway?

I also like that that psycho Gentle Jay is finally being called out.

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Did "America" put Kyle in, though? I thought the voting just determined the final two and then the judges chose who went forward from there, but my memory is pretty shoddy, so I could be wrong.

Kyle & Chris were the "dueling" pair in the finale, with the 6-hour tattoos.  Kyle was declared the winner through the audiences voting on Facebook and Twitter. 

I really think that Oliver & Chris get tired of seeing so many people with so many horrible tatts, their judging criteria is almost impossible to live up to.  How many "We'll fix your crappy tatts" shows are on right now?  At least 2 that I know of, Tattoo Rescue and Tattoo Nightmares.  Plus a myriad of other shows that always have people drop in looking for coverups.  

So much bad ink on so many people from so many "artists" has got to make them crazy.  Not an excuse for naked aggression, but I can understand it. 

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