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Who is the mysterious newcomer?

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Who is the Mysterious Newcomer?   POLL CLOSED

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  1. 1. Who will Adams be playing?

    • The Phantom Stranger
    • Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson or some other incarnation)
    • Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern
    • Starman (Ted Nelson)
    • Some other Golden Age-era hero (answer in comments)
    • Some Silver Age or later hero (answer in comments)
    • Batman

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Patrick J. Adams will be playing a newcomer, starting in the season finale.  Here's what's been revealed:

  • He will be "a fun character the fans will love.”
  • He is “a beloved superhero from the DC canon,” with "a mysterious past and equally mysterious agenda.”
  • He wears a cape.
  • He is not Booster Gold.
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We can cross Alan Scott off the list.

Some fans believe Patrick is Earth-2's Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

I'll tell you right now, because I never want anyone to be disappointed, he's not Alan Scott. I love Alan Scott. I've written Alan Scott in the comics. Alan Scott is also attached to the Green Lantern franchise, which DC obviously has feature plans for. In the poll of "who it's going to be," you can cross off Alan Scott.


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Ok he's a beloved hero who wears a cape, but odds a really good he isn't any kind of superman or batman. They said he isn't Booster Gold. So, just doing a Google search, it seems some likely candidates are:

Dr. Fate

Freddy Freeman

Dr. Midnight


Phantom Stranger

Mr. Majestic

Some of these I have never heard of but they had capes in their pictures.

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Doctor Mid-Nite/Midnight might be a fun choice.  He's less involved with the time travel end of things, but they could use a real medic.

My guess would be Fate or Hourman though, because they have more of a "time" connection.  And didn't Dr. Fate's mask turn up in the background at some point in one of the shows?

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EW: We’re also going to meet this mysterious hero played by Patrick J. Adams. What can you tease of how his presence sets up next season?

Marc Guggenheim: Have we said he’s a hero? I don’t know if we have. First of all, Patrick’s a wonderful guy and it was such a blessing to have him on the show. He really arrives to give the audience a really strong indication of what our plans are for season 2.




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Well, they did call him a beloved DC character who wears a cape. Who would fit that as a villain? I just found it interesting that MG would put that out there. I say he's probably going to be ambiguous on the show as mysterious characters often are... 

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Wesley Dodds, the Golden Age Sandman, is another possibility that struck me today. But he doesn't really have the power levels to be directing a team like this.

We find out in 4 1/2 hours.

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1 hour ago, squidprincess said:

 And didn't Dr. Fate's mask turn up in the background at some point in one of the shows?

Constantine, if I recall correctly.  Good catch.

14 minutes ago, squidprincess said:

The Time Trapper is a supervillain with a cape, IIRC.  (I was always a little shaky with the Legion of Superheroes stuff).  He probably would be an effective villain for the show, and might fit.

But not “a beloved superhero from the DC canon,” with "a mysterious past and equally mysterious agenda.”

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