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S03.E11: Poughkeepsie, Tramps and Thieves

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From IMDB: "Veronica helps a friend to find the girl he thinks is the one, which he had but lost. But finding her only leads to trouble."

Ugh. All I can say about this filler episode is that I like the slew of BSG and other nerdly references in the beginning. I don't hate this one, but 

from here on out really

so much filler. I mean I guess we do find out about the egging info, but then we also get the Madison bomb dropped at the end. Ugh. 

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This is one of those episodes I feel conflicted about, because I actually really like Max and feel for his character.  However, I feel like Wendy was miscast, which makes it harder to understand the attraction there.  That being said, I thought that the end of the episode was realistically depressing.  We all want to think that we can overlook someone's past, but many of us can't.  Max wanted to be cool with Wendy's past as a call girl, but he couldn't actually surmount his lingering feelings of doubt.  I don't know.  It worked for me.

Here's the thing about the Madison bomb: Madison is the worst, and I understand how betrayed Veronica would be by it, but it still feels like a complete overreaction and a plot point to break up Veronica and Logan more permanently.  I mean, they aren't working as a couple.  They just aren't.  I love them together, but they definitely need space apart.  This was a way to get them there.

I feel like I'm rambling.

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Poor boy. But yeah, well, nothing that great here.

(I watched this yesterday when the mobile forums were semi-broken, so whatever further thoughts I had have vanished.)

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I don't understand why Veronica would even believe Madison at this point.  And considering all the women Logan has been with, that Veronica does already know about (Dick's MIL, for example), is adding Madison to the mix, when they weren't a couple, really that bad?


its a shame Max couldn't get past Wendy's past.


The pimp was pretty reasonable, considering.


And I guess another bit of whiplash on the break-up.

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So when Madison showed up I assumed that she had shockingly turned to prostitution to support herself. I was very perplexed when it became clear that it was just a social call. Also, should I have realized at the time that it was Madison that Logan had hooked up with in Aspen? I saw a blonde but thought she was just a random party girl.

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I hated this episode. I hate the way Veronica is being written. She has known Logan for a long time and she knew what she was getting. He has slept with a lot of people, and he has a tendency to run from his problems by getting drunk and having sex. Veronica has become increasingly jealous and it isn't fun to watch. I still don't love Logan (Leo is probably my favorite of her men) but I am struggling to believe that the thing that isn't working here is the face that he has a history. I could buy the suspicion with the trips to Mexico, etc. but jealousy about who he slept with when they weren't together? Not so much.

I buy it more for Max and Wendy. Max hasn't had the same experience with Wendy. Still, it was disappointing and sort of boring to watch. 

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