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S07.E22: Granger, O.

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Ha! There's always a death in the cold open, but I knew that dude was dead after he did those skateboard stunts. Me: "No way that stunt guy gets paid for any more lines!"

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So I guess that proposal in Seventh Child was real. Cause those sounded like fairly legit wedding plans being discussed at the end. 


Nearly snorted coke through my nose when Callen revealed he'd been out with Anna the night before.


So Granger has always known about Jennifer? Huh. I would have put money on a 'your mother never told me' conversation. 

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Yet another epi with a massive shootout, no questioning by supervisors and shrinks, no administrative leave simply on to the 'next' job/chase & shoot out. And what do agents do at the end of an 8 hour day that should be 16 with shootout paper work and interviews-take in a basketball game-uh huh.


The Densi stufffff is way too old and annoying at this point, married couple agents? Unless their permanent cover is that of a married couple this doesn't fly and even then it doesn't fly. They need to send Deeks to Washington for advanced training by Gibbs, it would buy them time with a replacement for Dinozo.


Granger story contrived, a bit different for the show but contrived. Not even a clue on the mole, ooops forget that's a contrivance as well.


Did this contrived cartoon get renewed?

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You know, I was all ready to be eyerolling over Granger's pretty little badass long-lost daughter showing up. In the end, I kind of liked this take on it, where instead of emotionally-unavailable daddy and emotionally-neglected daughter soaking up the love they bonded over the two of them being equally terrible with people.

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Yeah, I thought Miguel Ferrer did an incredible job in this episode, showing a vulnerable side of Granger that we haven't seen before but still being true to the character as we've come to know him. And the tentative relationship between him and his daughter came across as genuine, not forced or tropish.

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