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  1. I channel surfed the entire epi. Can't stand musical montages because they tend to be fillers because they don't know what else to do. Wasn't there a scene in a previous epi with the henchmen on the phone with somebody saying don't worry about all he wanted to do is kill Red's daughter in front of him Lizzie's half sister should've lived, still miffed about that but the casual and numerous murders were a signal how the season would end. My guess Boone wants to do other stuff really bad, I wonder if she had to be coaxed into finishing this season. I just would've written her ou
  2. I'm watching the epi and wondering was it hologram or drug induced therapy session by Red to show Liz his side of the story or his STORY; not what happened. And super secret high tech bunker and personel didn't have physical security or basic tech like cameras and sensors that wouldv'e shown Townsend approaching sooner? But the end. I thought Red was going James Bond villan at the end with the gas. And the specialist effects or lack there of. Dembe turns what should be an iron handle to shelter door and it was wobbling. The gas sprayers come out of the ceiling and there was a wobble there
  3. What was the reason for the absence this year? Was she working without or a short contract? If she wanted out they should've written her out better and brought her back a few times a season as a guest star. The writing has needed work so not blaming her for the character and lines etc. Eh...
  4. I'm still unclear on how long was a double agent in training. Did this Odette woman recruit her after Ziva left. Did she leak the files 10 years ago after being approached or was she a secret secret agent her entire NSA career? Also does this mean Bishop could've murdered the Tiger Guy that ran them/Torres down last year with Mossad like precision? So when her new gig flops will she return? I've seen reruns since and when a character leaves one looks at the show differently.
  5. The SWAT refusal/lawsuit will be an on going issue for a while or til season end. All they have to do is find and release video and they could shut a lot of that down. The sgt's wife should've discretely filed the lawsuit and probably could've got a payout and those cops would at least had an incident in their file. Too much woke stuff is dragging this and other shows down. A mention or acknowledgement of current times is one thing but political informercial aint going to cut it. Yes there are cops that will beat you for looking at them funny or not complying or get the blue flu but the a
  6. I was wrong & disappointed about Gina possibly being alive hoping the informant guy would've prepped warned her. He's gone now too. So if the police got to Wheatley's house hours later is that enough time to drain, clean and refill the pool let alone dispose of body? They did arrest the henchmen though. I get wanting to keep Benson in the picture for the shippers but she does not have to be part of the story/case. Maybe since it's the first year they want all the L & O audience they can get. An occassional interaction like lunch but they don't have to keep bringing her up. Wh
  7. Judging by her comments in the second article I definitely say negotiations broke down or conditions period were detiorating. Her 'consistency' comment sums it up. The question is did they disgrace the character instead of killing her off to leave an opening to return or they just didn't want to kill off another female lead.
  8. They could've made a two parter out of this but the pace worked. It was straight forward although was waiting for the twist of the gf helping or doing it for him. But they did go out of their way remind us how much of a psycopath he was. I almost thought the last part of the show would be Carisi going for the shrink's license or charge her with negligent homicide. Maybe they left her unscathed to bring her and the kid back helping him escape or find out she was like a pedophile teacher having relations with her patient instead. I kept on thinking about the L & 0 epis with the cor
  9. Was this setting up backstory for Liz becoming a full fledged no gray area criminal. It seems many in Red's world had family murdered including Townsend and Red himself. Sooner or later Liz with get or ditch her quest for answers and just execute Townsend, at that point she's officially like Red. Still was killing her sister necessary. Or thinking it was the last season at time of script they gave the actress/character one last appearance?
  10. That's exactly what I was thinking. Also when her and Ritchie were firing the gun she had possession of it and the light bulbs when off in her head as soon as they had a conversation without her present. Either she subsituted somekind of dummy or fake round or she did indeed where a vest. It was a safe bet someone she knew wouldn't shoot her in the face so fake rounds or vest. But to me as soon as I saw the enforcer I'd say it was a staged death. Could be wrong, when they showed the pooling 'blood' at the end it could've been a faked fake death. Eh, will see.
  11. Another Liz/Megan Boone free epi. Sounds like she must hang out with the SWAT actor that was out a year but name/character was forced into every show. Now have a permant moustache twirling villan in Townsend. Red keeps on say you don't know the story. Sooner or later inquiring minds will have to know.
  12. I'm wondering if Red's lawyer friend who he tortured is out for revenge on him and Lizzie by framing her and taking Red out at the sametime.
  13. Voight is hindered/handcuffed more with cultural times than a internal affairs investigation and his knew boss let him know that. Even though a hypocrite at times I think he wants to do the right thing. He would've backed him up anyway but he also knows he crosses certain lines means more than getting away with it. Now Voight has company because now other cops will know Atwater will take it to the next level.
  14. RIP both actors. Seems like Middleton had a tougher go of it. And his character was distinctive in more ways than one. It will be hard to follow. I didn't see much chemistry or fluidity between Dennehy's replacement and Boone. He'll turn Dom into his own character. Onething I noticed with many show preimeres is you can tell they have been out for a while and lot of them their hair styles and make up seem a little off, they look tired, not out of shape but tired. Hopefully they all get back into the swing of things. Lizzy the traitor part 25. Hope this is somekind of double top
  15. Voight had to lecture Upton as her supervisor. It might have been over acted a bit but she definitely deserved it. And he put her notice when he questioned Rojas. They telegraphed what they were going to do last week when she picked the lock during the raid and Ruzek commented they'd have to talk about that . I get the impression he can live with being a dirty cop but he'd rather implement personal vigilante justice because it's just a matter of getting a way with that act. But if he's questioned about his or team's actions he's put in a position to purger himself along with the crime. U
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