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  1. misstwpherecool

    S04. E22. The Gang Gets Gone

    '...dumber than normal...' I think they've been winging it the last couple of seasons. Every episode seems like they're filming around 3 on a Friday afternoon and everyone is literally rushing to get done by 5 for happy hour. They might think they're projecting high energy but I see people running late for work and/or that can't wait to use the bathroom. Talk about shark jumps. Went from a drama to apocalyptic sci-fi. I don't care if they're cleared I can't see them returning to the FBI. They committed criminal acts. They can be pardoned and made somekind of black op contractors but you can't have criminals arresting people. Nash should be considered acting head, not permanent head without a formal process. And if Madeline is cleared does she have the proper security clearances to work in a high secure federal facility? And taking hostages in a foreign country? PUH-LEASE. Story is shakier than the camera work. More Brianna.
  2. misstwpherecool

    The Enemy Within

    This is another one of those shows where the cast is making it work. Some over the top writing but it is quite watchable. I'm still puzzled why they don't search her cell on occasion especially after her first escape. I liked Keaton's answer to why she is in cuffs-for your protection was it(criminal assault of a federal agent to be overlooked). Sooner or later she needs to become more of a trusted consultant without cuffs-more field work and let her colleagues know she was coerced into giving up the information to save her daughter-don't have to forgive the character but she should be allowed to earn back some trust and respect. There's plenty of material to extrapolate on or correct the course so I hope this show is renewed because I will watch.
  3. misstwpherecool

    Proven Innocent

    The end was fitting I guess. I'm disappointed to see it cancelled. This was one of those shows where the cast sold the show. And the lead actress is the total package. She has presence, charisma and looks. The rest of the cast is no slouch either. They had to compensate for some mediocre writing at times-never bad but some issues. The man boy was the most annoying weakest character. Some stupid things people do in a horror movie as well. Too bad no season 2 they could've done so much with the DA-they could've made him a vigilante, frame Scott or investigate him. She even said he was doing things his way for so long that is him. He already fired his assistant after having her investigate/record Levi unsanctioned. Right then and there you knew where his character was going. There was a brief time when I thought it character was a little redeemable when he told them about the murderess who was actually guilty but even then if it was an illegal conviction that is the lawyers job to correct. I thought it was quite watchable and deserved a season 2. And again kudos to the cast because they made this show happen.
  4. misstwpherecool

    S06.E19: Rassvet

    How did Joe the carney guy get baby Liz again? Now we know who but what made him or how did Ilya become an evil capitalist criminal mastermind?
  5. misstwpherecool

    S02.E21: Stuck as Foretold

    I'm siding with Nic's dad here. Addicts are selfish and with most they cross a line in which they'll never get back on the other side. That being said if he was the absentee and selfish father he's portrayed to be I'm sure he crossed the line with the girls long ago. Tear sniffing moments at a 'reunion' were never a reality. Is the new doc a junkie or angel of death?
  6. misstwpherecool

    The Enemy Within

    After the first two epi's I had hope. The most recent epi using the DEA guys wife was too predictable. I like the characters but right now the mole/Cruz is dominating the show. The lead character/actress seems extremely fit/skinny and no nails as in biting them? Is that for the show being a prisoner no nails?
  7. misstwpherecool

    S09.E14: Found

    Frank is a shameless pos. I'm glad they're not glamorizing the character or drunks. I get why the hospital treated him the way they did. Also glad Fiona challenged Frank on 'helping' raise the family. Cable or not trying to shock an audience with a bad pan of poop? Blatantly obvious is disgusting ads little. Nothing clever. This is why I can't watch an entire epi all the way through. One long epi of the Jack Ass movies. I thought Carl's takedown by ex/girlfriend at Capt Bobs was the best part although predictable. Also they really cranked the music this epi. Compensating for mediocrity?
  8. misstwpherecool

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    I think part of the reason Frank considers himself a 'fun' drunk is he doesn't give a crap. If he doesn't care he wouldn't show extreme emotion. But yes I cannot picture a longtime drunk not getting angry or going off. I've seen it. Frank at the bar wouldn't get angry. Frank at home in private setting might because what little restraint or control he has would be dropped in a more comfortable venue.
  9. misstwpherecool

    S09.E11 The Hobo Games

    Isn't that part of the premise of the show: the lack of adults or adult behavior. Would Lip have 'legal' authority probably not although being the oldest and/or sober person there he might. And some alcoholics only understand or respond to tough love.
  10. misstwpherecool

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    True the alcohol is not 'the' cause of her status. But the use/abuse of alcohol is. She's trying to fix or deal with relationship issues with the wrong tool. The right tool for the right job in this case is not alcohol, actually it should never be alcohol or drugs. This is why the rehab community frequently touts coping skills which is what Fiona and others lack. That is the tool they need and might find in rehab, meetings, therapy etc. Frank had 'a' point but he's not 100%. I've seen alcohol amplify any emotion including anger or mellow. I'm glad they threw in the narcissism line because narcissism is frequently associated with alcoholics.
  11. misstwpherecool

    S09.E12: You'll Know the Bottom When You Hit It

    New casual part time viewer to show. The show leaves a lot to be desired and usually lives up to it's title because it truely is 'shameless'. And yes the jealous triangle thing was stupid. Overkill as usual. The best character in this epi was the diner owner. And yes that's how you have to treat an alcoholic/that is an actual belief or strategy. The alcoholic or addict hitting a rock bottom is real from what I've read, seen or observed. The alcoholic or addict has to want to stop on their own hence the motivation of a bottom. The bartender would've only enabled Fiona by letting her stay with them. Part of the bottom strategy is that the alcoholic must learn to take care of themselves including paying their own way. Favors no matter how seemingly innocent or well intended enable alcoholics and addicts. If for no other reason something like free/cheap leaves them more money to drink away.
  12. misstwpherecool

    S06.E09: Minister D

    This could be simple or tricky writing when it comes to the imposter. Red seem to know his academy roomates including the Blue Bloods guy/Admiral that Red went to for a favor. So does imposter Red have a highly detailed background on the real Red? Was original Red a KGB mole all along and someone wanted the ruse to continue. Your average criminal couldn't get the detailed background on Red's life so a KGB op from the get go would be one of the few things that could account for Red's knowledge. I'm still thinking that KGB mole training camp they found on BL Redemption will have a part in the imposter reveal. So minister D was intelligence and used his training for blackmail? And how did Red know that his ex's conversations were recorded?
  13. misstwpherecool

    S06.E08: Marko Jankowics

    This is turning into The Shield. Liz is so far gone now as is Ressler. In the end they'll probably get somekind of immunity or the Reddington taskforce will remain too classified to prosecute. They minus well be another black ops division of the government. Oooops, they're supposed to bring fugitives to JUSTICE. Yes experienced "FBI" agent Liz missed the protection detail. Didn't she do pre job surveillance or case the kidnapping victim's neighborhood or study her routine-any of which should've revealed the security. Poor Jennifer. At first I thought she was up to something but it looks Lizzie is the bad egg that will have to be saved-by Jennifer; don't buy for a minute she's out of the game. Also along with forensics and any camera footage won't Liz and Ressler have to account for FBI computer usage?
  14. misstwpherecool

    S02.E10: Better Angels

    Or it ends where Yanek started it all by killing Yanek 2?
  15. misstwpherecool

    S02.E15: Queens

    I think ER did an epi on insurance fraud. I hope it comes back to bite him. Bell fires him gets into confrontation with Conrad. Stupid things people do in a horror movie part 1001.