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  1. Voight had to lecture Upton as her supervisor. It might have been over acted a bit but she definitely deserved it. And he put her notice when he questioned Rojas. They telegraphed what they were going to do last week when she picked the lock during the raid and Ruzek commented they'd have to talk about that . I get the impression he can live with being a dirty cop but he'd rather implement personal vigilante justice because it's just a matter of getting a way with that act. But if he's questioned about his or team's actions he's put in a position to purger himself along with the crime. Upton's and other's actions take things out of his control, he's very measured in what he does. Now Voight might have to take a risk he never even planned for let alone wanted to do. And yes he doesn't want the team to act like he does, in a way legitimate cases/arrests help him redeem himself, it's not just about keeping his job or staying out of jail.
  2. Roles are reversing. Addy and Beth seemed to have swapped. The show started with Beth being a Bratt good for misdemeanor mischief. Addy went from the goody two shoes to a felon ie aiding & abetting, obstruction of justice, tampering with a crime scene. Mom is going to be ticked.
  3. Late to the party. Just finished binging S1. Heard it was cancelled. Not bad, the ending was a little contrived. Hector should've taken one last full swing at the agency/intelligence community in general. After Clair why did he work for the Germans again. What were Han's motives again and who took him out? Some epis and scenes were excellent and others seemed to be lacking or off. It could be writing/acting especially with non Americans writing for or portraying Americans. I thought I heard some Irish accent from some of the actors. Same on Chicago Fire with Australian playing the boss. Foreign or accented actors come off very monotone when speaking English sometimes. Like to see Michelle Forbes act. She just had a CIA role in Treadstone as well. I guess Homeland lite?
  4. I used the word 'might' but anytime they have a 'mother or the baby' story that's a very thin line to walk. Strong women character demanding the mother be saved. And the mother demanding the baby be saved. Keep in mind Okafor and mother have had their stances through several epis now. Intended or not it could come off as a commentary on long running issues.
  5. Party pooper here. Glad to see some 'reality' if you will. Conrad absolutely should've gotten fired for lying in general. He falsified medical records and went on record at the board meeting. And anyone who doesn't think this crap goes on is naive. As matter of fact for poetic justice sake Conrad double absolutely should've gotten fired for torturing and lying about the prisoner. Also disappointed in Prevesh, Conrad indoctrinated him well. Since people hate the character Cain so much that tells me the actor and/or writers are doing their job. It's a tv show character, bravo. Same for the on-site corporate representative. Kudos to the actors. It's their job to play sneaky, kaniving evil(not the other show) I like how they're trying to reform Bell in that trying to show he started at wanting to be a doctor and liking surgery not a profiteer other enjoying some of the things a surgeons salary could buy. Him and Conrad have sort of flipped roles The ventilator farm is akin to research/treatment center in the first season of the show. That will become 'the villain'. Either Red Rock/the owners and/or Cain will get called out on dumping their patients their. That's also a swipe at long term care/hospice facilities as well. The show uses ego a lot but that makes for strong characters. I was disappointed at Okafor's behavior but this person is probably one of the only people she cares about now. Might be some political subtext from writers/her in regards to abortion. Right now Dr Austin is only one who can play a straight game and win. And yes thank you for not having Nic's dad clutter up the scenes. All and all it wasn't the horrific epi many think it was. I'm glad to see some of these character at least get cosmic justice.
  6. This, is she an FBI agent/law enforcement out for justice or is the task force simply a tool for her mommy and daddy issues. And sooner or later Cooper won't be able to tolerate the lying because he knows they are under scrutiny. I hope they make Park an undercover for the Attorney General and bring them all in. Sooner or later a lawyer will get hold of all the crap they did and nullify their convictions
  7. It seems like were circling back with Lizzie hugging her KGB roots and miffed at Reddington AGAIN. They should just make her one of the permanent baddies. That being said I guess we will be revisting the night of fire and/or when Red was killed/not killed. Also Liz going to be ticked when she needs memory scrambler guy to undo what he might of done and finds out Ressler returned the favor.
  8. If nothing else Liz knows Red told her the truth this time anyway. And will she hold true to her promise and bring in the killer of those FBI agents, well since her mom didn't pull the trigger nah. I don't know is wedding crashing a crime?
  9. I've seen the last scene in the bar someone where else/another show. At least that scenario. That being said I'm wondering if Street got a few friends or is working with narcotics unit to get his buddy out of trouble ie fake the robbery. OR maybe he did screw up again.
  10. What happened to Michelle Forbes righteous indignation going all in all of the sudden and dirty herself unless she's going to go whistle blower. Still wondering about the aging on some these characters unless the drugs they give people in the program slows aging. Basically had what 4 movies showing what should've been the end of Treadstone, Black Briar etc and it's still up and running like it never ended. Also one of those CIA agents from the 1970s will wind up being somebody in the present unless that's next season. Also Doug is being played. Don't buy his nurse's wife act and unsure of the pills he's taking.
  11. Another epi I channel surfed through. SOS. BUT yes it's time for changes. Put Hetty in a consultant role, try Callen in charge. Shake up the partnerships and make Deeks a fulltime NCIS agent or use his laison role more to remind us all this frequently goes down in LA ie dead bodies, car chases etc. Also is Deeks a double dipper ie police and ncis pay check?
  12. When they showed Callen running and shooting to save Hetty at first I thought they were trying to give the character or epi a super Bourne type agent flare which would be dumb but to shoot when people when they're already down(which would show up on an autopsy) is murder. But then when Hetty suggested he could be her replacement it fit with in the context of NCIS LA world. Still having trouble watching these epi's all the way through or not channel surfing. The epi started out better but finished in the usual body count theatrical shootout fashion. Along with all the usual shtick.
  13. Did Lizzie have a fashion faux pas with her pant legs seemingly halfway up her shin when she rushed in the room where the relocation victim shot the boss? Showed her boots. That's not a fashion thing is it?
  14. Some how I knew Red would save the owl. Needed something slip in some political/social commentary. So Dominic seems to have been running the show more than led to believe? Still confused by the kgb drama/throw even more stufffffff on the wall see if it sticks. Still don't buy Red was killed. I think Ilya was his handler and either him and Red went Rogue or Red wound up handling him. They probably wound up using an actor/double to make sure he was scene just enough to fuel a narrative. And yes Lizzy going to take out her nanny 10 ft from her daughter who was traumatized/troubled by the body in the men's room. Wait until Agnes draws another dead body and tell the teach Mommy had one in the living room.
  15. Oh the hypocrisy. But since the show is about the failings of the medical system in the US Dr Prevish's lying under oath is probably just as big an issue as all the other crap the show focuses on. A lying doctor is a lying doctor. A vindictive doctor is a vindictive doctor. A doctor that aids in a cover up is a doctor that aids in a cover up. No way to dress that up even in a buddy movie. This isn't just about procedure or hippocratic oath one could argue Conrad assaulted the patient by purposely inflicting pain. This was the cover up of a crime. It appears that Hank Voight and Vic Mackey have opened up a medical school.
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