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S03.E18: The Devil Comes Here and Sighs

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As the city celebrates its annual Jazz Fest, an unlikely team of Mikaelson foes joins forces to take Klaus hostage. Leading the charge to get their brother back, Elijah and Freya face off against a powerful force like none they've ever seen before, while Hayley and Cami set their own risky plan in motion to rescue Klaus. Meanwhile, when Kol's erratic behavior worsens, Davina has no choice but to turn to Marcel and Vincent for help.




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For the love of all that is holy can they well and truly kill Cami this time? I didn't miss her the last few episodes and an entire season without her would be glorious.

Plus if she lasts longer with Luciens bite than an original I call shenanigans.

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Why do they keep teasing us that Cami is going to die? At this point, I suspect that she'll outlive everyone else on the show.


Kol and Davina were surprisingly touching, even though I got shades of Twilight when he couldn't stand to be near her beating heart. And I assumed that sending Kol out of town was a convenient way of sending the actor off of the show, so it was a pleasant surprise when he was forced back inside the city limits.


I still haven't really warmed up to Freya, but she was pretty good tonight. I actually like her and Klaus together. I find them very believable as (long lost) siblings, and they've got good chemistry in that sense.


I've liked Aurora from the beginning of her storyline, and imo the actress did a great job with those otherwise boring and endless scenes of Klaus chained up in that loft. I was very frustrated that she didn't actually just kill off Hayley and Cami, though. It would be awesome to have Rebekah, Aurora, Freya, and Davina as the show's central female characters, instead of those two numbskulls.


Anyway, I like that Aurora is trying to be tough but still seems to have reactions to the things that people say and do to her, despite herself. And I think the idea that she's doomed to be plagued by mental illness for all eternity is also fascinating.


The best part of the episode was when Klaus started going on about how Aurora would live an endless but pathetic, unloved life of despair. My heart broke for her a little.


But it also made me remember how much I missed crazy, asshole Klaus. His change into Father of the Year has been relatively organic, but I still hate it. I miss the Klaus who was fueled by paranoia, painted terrible pictures with utter seriousness, went on weird rants and created bizarre tableaux (like when he sat on the highest grave he could find in the cemetery and declared it the commencement of the Trial of Rebekah Mikaelson or when he made Davina's crush play the violin in the rafters before murdering him in front of her), was insufferable to the point of emotional abuse, and had violent outbursts like when he ripped out all his hybrids' hearts to a soundtrack of Christmas carols. Nowadays, he's just smug and boring all the time. Even in this episode he was nothing but smug and boring.

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Cami reading Sun-tzu cracked me up.


Klaus can eat a dick. What a pouty whiner. When he said that Cami has made her feelings clear and then he stomped off, I just rolled my eyes. I did the same when he tried to insult Lucien by calling him a stable boy. Seriously, get off your high horse, Klaus. It's not like the Mikaelsons were royalty when they were human.


I know I'm supposed to root for the Mikaelsons but part of me enjoyed watching Lucien easily defeat Klaus because Klaus is so used to dispatching everyone and lording it over them because they can't kill him.


One small thing that amused me was that after torturing Klaus, Lucien cleaned his hands by dipping them in a bowl of water instead of using a newfangled sink.


Ugh, can we please not have any more of the "meaningful" looks between Hayley and Elijah?


To quote Cami, "Oh, goody. Papa Tunde's mystical knife of ludicrous torment. Glad that's still around." I was hoping someone would shove it in Lucien or Aurora.


I am so tired of the show rewriting what can and can't be done. First there was no such thing as a witch/vampire and then we got the heretics. Before it was always established that if a vampire hadn't been invited in, they just couldn't go in. But now a vampire CAN go in somewhere they haven't been invited but it causes excruciating pain and bleeding eyes? What the hell?


I knew that Aurora's words would come back to bite her in the ass. Klaus smirking at the camera because he knew that Lucien would watch later was hilarious. Although I'm ready for this prophecy/Lucien/Aurora storyline to be over, one of the things it highlighted is that the people who were close to you are the ones who can hurt you the most. They know each others secrets, how to push each other's buttons, and how to hurt each other.


It was interesting to see Klaus get so desperate that he would resort to pretending to still love Aurora. I also loved that Aurora recognized that's exactly what it was.


I wish I could get excited about Lucien biting Cami, but at this point I know they writers are never going to kill her and we are stuck with her forever so I'm waiting for the inevitable magical cure that Freya will come up with.

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I'm not as bothered by Cami as some of you. I liked her when she was Klaus' therapist. I'm not as enamored by her in the role of scared baby vamp. But take whatever antipathy I feel for Cami, magnify it by ten, and you have my feelings for Aurora. I find her to be insufferable and one note. She's insane and obsessed with Klaus. She is the least nuanced character on this show by leaps and bounds. Also I wish that this show would formally establish that cutting the head of anything regarded as unkillable will actually kill them. In conclusion, I think that Cami sucks right now, but she hasn't always sucked on this show. I would welcome opportunity to have her get back to that place. However Aurora has always sucked ass and been boring in my opinion. The show needs to find a way to kill her or drop her at the bottom of the ocean.

I was wondering when the Vietnamese witches would come into play. I like that this show tries to mirror the ethnic diversity of New Orleans.

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I gotta say I`m really enjoying the show this Season. Though in the end they abandoned the concept of their "first borns" going against them, strong but still weaker than the Originals so they`d have to rely on their inside knowledge, cunning and strategy vs. simply making them more super-powered in the end. And of course, witches are the worst. The ancestors are the worst.


I get that they hate this family - though supposedly Kol was running around with witches all the time and rather friendly with them, shouldn`t he still have friends among those illustrous ancestors then? - but creating worse and even more unkillable monsters should not be the answer. Esther created vamps to give her family an edge against the wolves and look where that led for a thousand years. Is making Lucien (and Aurora) more lethal really a better idea?


That said, Lucien might have made himself into the guy at the top of the food chain but he remained stuck as Aurora`s puppy for a thousand years? Oy. Even Klaus and crazy Aurora managed to move on from a thousand years ago, he never did. He still cried big puppy tears watching the recording in the end. 


One relationship I particularly enjoy this year is Klaus and Freya. I wasn`t so keen on the character or the actress last Season but these days, she feels very organic as a member of the family and Riley Voelkel and JoMo have excellent bantery chemistry. 

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I like that even though she is relatively new to the dynamics of the Always and Forever siblings, she doesn't cower when Klaus starts yelling and having temper tantrums. She just rolls her eyes and keeps on doing whatever she was doing before he burst in yelling about whatever betrayal and paranoia is currently heated up about.


I don't mind when Elijah does something olde tyme-y because he usually does it in a way that makes sense. But I was just cracking up over Lucien and his bloody bowl of water. Does he eschew the toilet in his penthouse and keep a chamber pot next to his bed?

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Me, paraphrasing the great Patsy Stone of Absolutely Fabulous, when Cami yet again is in mortal danger: "of for God's sake just DIE."


Poor Lucien. Now that he knows how his one and only Aurora really sees him, is he gonna start painting terrible paintings a la Klaus? So did he kill all the Strix or just the ones still in NO/the area? And him dipping his bloody fingers in that bowl of water made me laugh, such an affectation for a wannabe big boy. 


Klaus "supervising" Freya at the beginning of the ep made me smile. I love how he doesn't get to her in the same way he does the sibs he grew up with, she's so over his ways already. LOL 


I feel for Kol. Tries to do what he sees as the right thing and still gets the shaft thanks to those bitchy witch ancestors. I really want Vincent to survive whatever's coming but don't want him to be regent again either. 

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