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J. K. Rowling (Robert Galbraith)

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This thread encompasses all the works of J. K. Rowling which include the Harry Potter series, The Casual Vacancy, and the Cormoran Strike mysteries. There is a dedicated Harry Potter thread which can be about this series. This thread deals with her other works and her writing generally.

Spoilers allowed.

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I read the Cormoran Strike first 3 books.  I believe there is a 4th. 1 and 2 were pretty good.  But they get weighed down in too much detail.  So much that I would skim paragraphs because it wasn't relevant to the plot. The 3rd was the hardest to get through for me. However, I do like the Charachter or Cormoran and his assistant Robin.  

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I am reading the latest and I read the others when they first came out but was the year it took place prominent in the others? For some reason I was surprised this book takes place before the London Olympics. 

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I just got Lethal White today. I haven't started reading it yet but holy crap, the thing is enormous! It's 647 pages. I have a feeling I'll be skimming a lot.

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Finished Lethal White yesterday. As usual with a large book it will take another reading to fully digest it but I liked it.  I liked the first one best and the third one the least and will know where this one falls after another reading.   I so enjoy Cormoran and Robin  but wish there were no romantic undertones to them.  I would enjoy male and female characters in a book (or movie--I'm looking at you Jurassic Park, I loved that in the book they were just colleagues and  friends..why change for the movie?   Grrrr  Old grudge, sorry) having a mutually respectful and friendly working relationship without the hints we've had along the way that they might get together at some point.  Not sad about losing Matthew (hope he stays gone) but I do wish that Robin had been able to stick to her guns and Matthew grow up a little ( a lot) and their relationship work out.  

The mystery was a little convoluted with too many suspects for my taste but she does draw them well.  One thing that drove me batty and stood out as a mischaracterization of Strike was him allowing the family to keep the reason for the blackmail a secret. Not so much the victim at first but I feel that Strike would have refused to comply without the family answering his questions and being totally honest with him.  I really disliked how they kept being so vague about things and wish she would have found another way to keep us guessing.  

On the personal side, I enjoyed seeing glimpses of Charlotte.  She's been such a central character without actually being present that I enjoyed seeing her manipulations in person and loved that Cormoran knew exactly what she was doing even before she did it. And even knowing what she was doing, it still got to him.  

After the long wait I wouldn't say I was disappointed except now I have another X years until the next one.  

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