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S01.E13: Morning Star

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Jace makes the search for Valentine his main priority as he continues to reel from recent events; Clary and Simon's efforts to unlock Jocelyn's coma may impact the Downworlder peace treaty and Simon's relationship with Raphael.

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I finished the season & I am done. I will not be back for season 2 of "Clary Fray & Her Technicolor Hair"

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That was terrible.


Oddly enough, it was less hilariously terrible than previous episodes which somehow made it worse.


My favourite part?


Valentine has the Cup and they spend the entire episode yelling, progressively,

"We have to find Hodge!"

"We have to find the book!"

"We have to find Camille!"

"We have to wake my mother!"

"We have to find Jace!"


Jace says, "we have to find Valentine" and they all go ballistic. WT actual F. Was it because that plan made too much sense? No, let's spend the entire episode getting Camille to get the book to wake Jocelyn to... do something. If Jocelyn was the magic bullet for them to defeat Valentine, she'd hardly have poisoned herself to avoid being captured by him.


Things that made me laugh out loud


1. Fish tank of red dye with obvious detergent in it

2. Hodge yelling "I taught you everything I know", pulling a weapon literally out of his ass and then Jace yelling "not everything" and also pulling a giant weapon literally out of his ass. With all the ass-weaponry fu around, Hodge must have been the best trainer ever

3. Clary being totally useless. In every scene.

4. Valentine threatening to kill everybody if Jace doesn't join him and then letting all his henchman go through the portal first. So none of the others are in any danger at all but they just stand around looking tortured instead of taking Valentine down. Like, right then.

5. Jace following Valentine blindly through the portal with no idea where he was going and then Alec stopping Clary from following because "if you don't know where you're going when you walk through a portal you end up in limbo". HINT: I think I know where Jace is right now. And I'm sure Magnus has a 'save from limbo spell'.


Things that actively annoyed me

1. Camille coming between Magnus and Alec before they've even started a relationship. This show really knows how to fumble every emotional beat they go for.

2. Jace not killing Valentine the minute they were away from the others. But, you know, PLOT!

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I liked this episode, but all the promises of a cliffhanger were a bit much, I don't think they know what a cliffhanger is.


The "twist" that Jace would go with Valentine was predictable, but good, it opens up a lot of possibilities for season 2. I was surprised they managed to wake Jocelyn up, I was almost sure they would go through all that trouble and then it wouldn't work.


I liked Camille, but disliked that Simon betrayed his BFF Raphael!

I thought Simon and Clary's I love yous were pretty friendly, maybe they won't get together after all. Who knows, maybe they'll sell me on it but right now I'm not feeling it. But man, I love Alberto, he was great.


Jace and Hodge fighting was pretty good, and I really liked Alec this episode, trying to get some sense into Jace, and then into Clary. Also, him holding her when Jace went through the portal was so good, I want them to be BFFs. Hmm basically I want everyone to be everyone's BFF and then live happily ever after.


I think Jace could go through the portal because Valentine was holding on to him, whereas Clary had no one to guide her through it? Maybe.

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I kind of wanted Jocelyn to fall on the floor.


I also kind of wanted to punch the screen when the Camille drama was already introduced between Magnus and Alec. For shit sake! They just had their first kiss HOURS before and problems arise already? Not cool. This relationship is the *only* thing that's felt real during the entire show. I don't want it fucked up.

Though I'm preparing myself for disappointment.

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It's amazing. The writers managed to completely squash every aspect of the story that could have had an emotional impact. I feel like I got the Cliff's Notes tour of Idris -just the highlights, none of the heart.

I hope they really rethink this for the next season and maybe get a new showrunner.

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It's too bad this has been like watching a bunch of junior high kids LARPing.  The poor acting isn't helped by the clunky dialog.  I still think that overall it is better than the movie was.

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