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Oswald Cobblepot: Sharp dressed gangster with a bird fetish

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I love that theory, John Potts. And looking at the promo above, it certainly would be a "long con" on the audience. Not to mention a good way of introducing The Joker into the story without generating a massive amount of hype that would be impossible to live up to.

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Just remembered something that bothered me in the last episode - when Penguin's henchman agrees to take his mother home before torturing a confession out of Delaware, he gives her his arm and says, "let's go, Mrs. K."    Why?   All the publicity for the show spells it Cobblepot. 

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I think Cobblepot is meant to sound more upscale, and in keeping with his amibitions.

Yes,  and less Jewish I suspect.  Although I know nobody is ever Jewish in these old Golden Age titles Penguin and his mother in this show are right out of Philip Roth or Mel Brooks.

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So how long before Taylor says "Screw it, I want my own hair color back" and they wig him out for filming?

I'm trying to think of another male actor that had to drastically change his hair for a TV role; and I'm blanking.

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I'm trying to think of another male actor that had to drastically change his hair for a TV role; and I'm blanking.

James Marsters on Buffy. He had to peroxide his head and reportedly his scalp was constantly burned and blistered from the constant peroxide treatments.

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I don't think penguin has a bird fetish it's a nickname he earned along the way he made after Fish Moonie Punished him at the first episodes when these 2 people gave him a ride and he took them hostage they told him that he is like a penguin because of how he walks 

I think Penguin is much more cooler on Gotham rather than the games cuz in the games he is a kingpin but on gotham he is more cooler :D

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