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Avalon Young

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Thank god she gave in on the makeover thing. I mean they let her keep her "jeans... no dresses" rule, which she was right to not want. But with light makeup, clean hair, clothes that are good quality and FITTED, her looks now fit her vocal quality---and her silly fears of it somehow turning her into someone else should hopefully be gone.

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I generally like (not love though) Avalon. I think she has the most current sounding, radio friendly voice of the entire top 10. I could hear her voice on the radio today in some kind of pop R&B track. But she needs to pick the right songs. That Shawn Mendes song was a train wreck. 

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My favorite contestant this year after Sonika. I didn't think she was a trainwreck by any stretch this week--especially not when she's performing beside Gianna, Lee, and Trent--but it was her weakest performance I've seen so far. She didn't seem comfortable in the look they foisted on her, unfortunately.

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The Bieber song ("Love Yourself," which I don't much like) was actually co-written by Ed Sheeran. Which shocked me to learn, but also makes sense when I think about the melody without the lyrics.

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She is one of my favorites so far. Stitches was my least favorite performances but she really pulled me in before that. When she performed with Ruben I realized that they both have a simliar vibe and it is a super appealing one. They are both performers that I'd be happy to watch in a two hour concert.

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Avalon is my new Jessica Meuse: NOT the genre I listen to, HATED their first performance, and needed to warm up to their voices: but then I suddenly "get it" when they hit the stage a second time (Yo/Crow and the Butterfly), and they end up my favourite by two weeks later.

Sadly I'm not sure Avalon can get to Top 4, but fingers crossed!

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