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  1. Canada, I believe. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4390084/)
  2. Kleinfeld’s prices have to cover Manhattan rents. (And from what they showed of the U.K. salon, Kleinfeld’sbprices have to cover a great many more salaries as well.)
  3. Well, the Atlanta Store is a whole building. Kleinfeld’s is just a storefront, and I have read that it is a lot smaller than it looks on TV. They have their stock on tightly-packed racks with much of it on the ceilings, and if customers start moving dresses around, they’d be lost forever in the sea of white!
  4. Yes, he has put out two collections now, IIRC. He also was a bridal designer before he started working at Kleinfeld's--that's why they hired him, they wanted someone with the designer's eye helping the consultants.
  5. That was a very unsatisfying result. Fiction would never be so poorly foreshadowed!
  6. And it really wasn't the best bedroom, not at all. Also I don't think Spence and Kerrie's bedroom deserved all that slamming it got--all it needed was some color on the wall behind the headboard. And seriously, why are those penthouse masters so tiny?
  7. I hope not. All that drama and she didn't even get terribly low scores--higher than that room deserved, I would have said. I don't like the tub: It looks horribly uncomfortable, and what good is an uncomfortable soaking tub? And unless there's a layer of something between the brass and the room, the metal is going to leach all the heat from the water and you'd be sitting in rapidly cooling water in an uncomfortable tub, ugh. But if you HAVE to use a brass tub, shouldn't the fixtures be brass, so that it's not totally unconnected to the rest of the room? Also, I would have used solid black tiles behind the tub and on none of the other walls, to frame the tub without bringing the walls down on you.
  8. I think that the judges would go for updated deco rather than actual deco--something that suggests deco rather than something that IS deco. (How one would do that is a secret locked in the judges tiny brains.)
  9. I don't know that the team that chose the apartment with the safe were dumb--there were a lot of goodies (and a lot of money) in that safe, which can make quite a difference to whether they have enough to finish well, and if the reserves are fair (which may not be a safe assumption, but if) they could win without a penthouse. The first couple to choose, though, that was incredibly dumb. What's the tradeoff, that they had a design in mind and it fit better?!
  10. He didn't throw the vest in the pool, because if he had, the writers wouldn't have had the standoff they wanted... ;)
  11. There seems to be a lot less drama this year so far than in previous years--and I have to say I enjoy that. (Of course, it is early days yet...)
  12. Oh, yeah--whenever they want to do another season--or even a string of one-offs--I'm all the way in!
  13. Yeah, when they show up with more scripts, he'll be back in. And they will, just not until they get this new project out of their systems.
  14. Presumably in the universe of his family life--his parents clearly saw a side of Sherlock that he never showed the rest of the world. And after all, he was the only one who figured out how to reach Euros, so they weren't just blethering.
  15. HA! Just saw I had made this comment way back then, and lo and behold, in the very beginning of the next season...
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