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  1. Oh, I don’t know—Peter seemed more nervous than anything to me, which made sense since it was his first solo client.
  2. I wonder whether Australian law allows short snippets without having to license or pay for them, because if so that would explain why such short snippets all the time.
  3. That picture proves that there IS such a thing as too much kitchen storage!
  4. No,no—so long as they are both boiled and baked and don’t contain odd foreign bits and pieces (like blueberries or other things that belong in pastries or muffins), us bagel purists are satisfied, even if grumpily.
  5. There are a lot of places where putting construction debris (which would definitely include old cabinets, no matter what the state of repair) curbside is strictly illegal; anyone doing reno has to pay to have a dumpster (and for a permit for the dumpster) along with all the other permitting requirements. It’s expensive and a PITA but more unavoidable than not.
  6. But only a small subset would like THOSE colors and THAT wallpaper (I found it far too dark, myself, even though I love color), and narrowing the buyer pool is not wise—as he found out.
  7. "Accent colors" is what I said, which means pillows, art, maybe carpets or curtains, maybe sheets and other bedcoverings. Easily made, no-muss-no-fuss changes.
  8. Which means that the buyers can use any accent colors THEY like, instead of being stuck with the colors Jonathan likes. When you decorate/stage for selling, that's the smart way to go--make any colors easily changeable.
  9. Actually, I preferred the corner house. The color choices in the house next door didn't appeal to me at all, and at that price point you don't want to be doing a full-on redecoration.
  10. I live in Manhattan and I can barely believe there are places where $200,000 get's you anything bigger than a closet!
  11. Agreed--I think it's nice, and I suspect he means it (that every woman is beautiful).
  12. We just renovated our kitchen and we went with all white cabinets--it's a small apartment galley kitchen on a low floor and thus with VERY little natural light for most of the day, so we didn't want anything darker. In fact, the kitchen cabinets we just replaced were also all white and none of them every got stained--the edges yellowed because they weren't good quality, but they never stained.
  13. Canada, I believe. (https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4390084/)
  14. Kleinfeld’s prices have to cover Manhattan rents. (And from what they showed of the U.K. salon, Kleinfeld’sbprices have to cover a great many more salaries as well.)
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