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S14.E19: The Fallen

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I can't believe CBS didn't pull this episode after what happened at Ft. Hood today.   

But seriously, LVPD doesn't have metal detectors?  Or the cops wearing vests.   Most law enforcement are required to wear them on duty -- even in the police station.

And good grief, the writers are really running out of ideas if they can come up with is yet another CSI in peril storyline.

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I normally dislike hostage episodes but this one wasn't too bad.  Russell was pretty good in the situation, although getting the fingerprint and staring at the camera was very risky.

I liked the return of the kid who pointed the laser at airplanes in a previous episode.  Maybe getting shot at the police station will have more effect on him than Nick's lecture.  Although I still have no idea why Russell was going to interview him instead of a cop...that made no sense.

I did not suspect the wife. Once the shooting started I knew her husband was going to die, just because they focused on them and their forced banter.  But I didn't catch on until Sara spelled it out at the end - I'm usually a little quicker but not this time.

Mostly what I liked about the episode was the rest of the crew doing their usual work to find out what was going on.  It's supposed to be all about the CSI after all.

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Halfway through the episode I was about to post a furious call to arms, for all of us to converge on CBS carrying flaming torches and pitchforks: I thought they'd killed off Officer Mitchell. Oh yeah, that would have been a dealbreaker for me - seriously fuck D.B., fuck Obvious Perp, aka, Ms Botox McCollagenlips, fuck stupid kid with the stupid deathwish, especially fuck Morgan Brody, who seems to have mislaid her annoying lip gloss and replaced it with annoying dark red lipstick - is she auditioning for a role in a 30s movie or what?

Even fuck Greg, at this point - sorry dude, but I'm shallow with my tv guys, and the way you're so skinny nowadays, and that weird bullet-proof thing they gave you to wear, you look like the Stay-Puft Man went on a diet. I live for my infrequent sightings of Mitch, who's the only one actually doing his job in that place. Don't let them make you ride a desk, Mitch! You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I WILL FIND YOU! 

And what happened to Sara's hair? The hell? Only Morgan can have good hair now?

The episode itself? Oh, lord. What I got from that was that you can walk into any police station in the U.S. with two loaded guns. Not being American myself, I'm sure that's true. Also, yes, the kid was reaching for the St Christopher's medal. And the SWAT team were supposed to know this, how exactly? You know what would have been a better idea, D.B.? Throwing the gun out first, making braintrust there take off his jacket and t-shirt, and come out bare-chested, so that the officers could SEE that he's unarmed. I really loved D.B. at first, but sometimes he's written like his parents smoked too much pot during his conception and gestation.

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my biggest WTF for me in this episode was the fact that they seriously were able to capture a fingerprint, in blood, on a water bottle from the surveillance video camera well enough to do a search and identify the kid.  No siree, no way.  First off, sweaty suspect, plastic bottle, blood; the ridge detail would be tough even if it was in a lab. But then there was the ludicrous screen capture with enough detail to do an AFIS search?  I've never seen a screen capture that high a quality let along from a zoomed in camera like that.  I'm pretty sure that all that would show up would be a bunch of pixels.  

Once I forced myself to overlook this fiction, I mostly enjoyed the episode.  I didn't recognize Scottie Thompson until I saw her name in the beginning credits and then couldn't help thinking that Jean Benoit changed careers and became a cop.  A murderous cop as it turned out.  It was very unfortunate timing on CBS's part to air this episode so close to the Ft. Hood shooting.  

On the shallow side, its nice to see Nicky's hair is growing in and Finn was largely absent from our screens.

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Holy crap.   This happened.   In LA last night, a guy walked into a police station that had no metal detector.   Walked up to the front desk and said he had a complaint.   Then opened fire hitting a cop who was not wearing his bullet proof vest like he was supposed to be doing on duty.   The only difference from the show is no hostage situation, no magical fingerprint analysis and thankfully -- the cop is just fine.   

But DAMN.   

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I am so sick of hostage situations where there is a psycho cop who wants to charge in all gut tns blazing to end an armed seige. I actually hoped that he would turn out to be the "Inside Man", because that would actually explain why he was so keen to kill the kid. Even if you aren't worried about endangering the hostages (which you should be), as Dirty Harry observed, if a cop kills somebody in the line of duty "The paperwork's a real bitch". And what exactly was Sara doing at the hospital anyway? She wasn't collecting the cops' clothes (which would be rather pointless in any case - it's not as if there was any question who did it!) so what exactly was she doing there?


Linderhill my biggest WTF for me in this episode was the fact that they seriously were able to capture a fingerprint, in blood, on a water bottle from the surveillance video camera well enough to do a search and identify the kid.


ITA, though the thing that really got me WTFing was the Google* search that came back with no results for "Las Vegas police shootings". Apart from the one actually mentioned in this episode (which I don't think was a past case) there have been about ten just on CSI! Do the writers not use Google themselves? Coming up with no matches is almost unheard of unless you search for "Saddam Hussein fellating waterskiing goats"**. It was just as unbelievable as when Tom Cruise Googled "Job" (in Mission: Impossible) and got no results rather than 10 million.


* I forget whether it was in fact Google or a fake like "ChumHum" that's used on The Good Wife

** I have NOT done this search and do not want to know if you actually get any matches!

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