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S03.E05: The Little Merman

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Anyone else watching? I enjoy the idiocy. These people are pretty pathetic, with a few exceptions -- the ones who know they're being stupid.


So, Chuck went from cool-ish surfer guy to total creepy douche. Oh, he cheats because he's "sexual." No, you cheat because you're selfish!


Rashida looked adorable in her new do! She has such a cute face, and now I can actually see it! Did a hairdresser come in to fix her hair, or was that cute hair under her a weave?


So, Kayla's a nutcase. The stalker girl is a nut. The one guy who freaked out is a nut. No wonder the matched couple was so happy to get outta there!

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I'm watching.  I love this show.  


Feel like this is going to be the first group to not complete the matches and lose the $$.  They're clueless.  


I hope that KiKi gets stuck with cheater Chuck.  

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I thought once they got a confirmed match the Blackout was off the table. But they need at least one non-Truth Booth confirmed match. This group is screwed.

Based on the logic game, 1 of Stacey/Alec, Zak/Kayla, Britni/Hunter is a match. I have a feeling Alec will not help the house and try to get into the TB with the clinger.

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When I was in my 20s I slept with anybody I felt like, and no apologies.  But I didn't wake up the next morning and suggest to the guy that we go furniture shopping together.  Nor did I stake a claim and tell other women to keep their hands off him.  You got to take it for what it is, ladies.  Having fun in bed together doesn't make you a couple.  


I am baffled by these people and their lack of process -- of course, that's what makes this a trainwreck and therefore fun to watch.  Wouldn't you think they'd sit down as a group and ask each other the kinds of questions they had to answer to be matched up for the show?  Stuff about children, religion, family, careers would certainly help them to eliminate at least a few possible pairings.  No, instead we'll get drunk and yell at each other.


Do you think low IQs are one of the criteria used for casting?

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