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  1. FineWashables

    America's Test Kitchen

    Thank you so much, Quof! So you don't let it rise overnight in the fridge before freezing -- didn't know that. I'll give your method a try. It's so weird that although so many sources urge cooks to freeze extra dough, absolutely no one tells you at what point to freeze it or how to deal with it when it comes out of the freezer.
  2. FineWashables

    America's Test Kitchen

    MelsW, you gave us a recipe for pizza dough over a year ago, and made this statement: I need your help desperately! I have never been able to figure out how to use the frozen dough when I remove it from the freezer. Am I supposed to leave this out at room temperature and if so, for how long? Am I supposed to defrost it in the fridge? It seems as if no matter what I try to do with frozen dough, I end up over proofing the dough with all that sitting time -- at least, I think that's the problem. When I leave dough overnight in the fridge I get such a good flavor, but when I try to defrost dough, I get a very different result. This happens no matter whose dough recipe I use, so please rescue my pizzas! Thanks in advance.
  3. FineWashables

    S12.E01: Cinematic Debut

    IKR! When gorgeous Eddie won this competition (last year? the year before?) I was so excited because I thought we'd finally get healthy food made by a professional athlete and trainer who'd actually show techniques and preparations to improve everyday eating without sacrificing flavor. Weirdly enough, he won and got his show, but instead of cooking -- or even talking about his own food -- they've got him jackassing around eating bbq. WTF??? Is there even one person in America who gives one single shit about watching somebody else eat random food the audience will never taste? I know Guy Fieri's built a career on it but to be fair, he also has a show where he cooks. And enough with the Southern food. Damaris Philips's show isn't much of a hit and neither are the Deen boys, thank the gods. And who wants to watch a (non X-rated) show about meat? I was a bigger fan back in the day when chefs had shows where they taught us how to cook, back before the Choppedification of the FN. Clearly, that's just me.
  4. FineWashables

    If it is broke, shouldn't it be fixed?

    Let's put the diner characters into a food truck instead so they can get out of that fixed location and start meeting new people. The girls can sell their cupcakes -- they do still make cupcakes, yes?? -- from the truck. If you've got a genius like Garrett Morris on the show, then please use him for more than one line per show. I agree with the poster above who wants the show to introduce us to Max's mom. Anne Heche would do a good job of that, and so would Sean Young. But the biggest change viewers need is for the writers to stop it with the tired old tropes. Yes, Han is short. Yes, Oleg is gross. Yes, Caroline used to be rich. Yes, Max has big boobs. Next, please.
  5. FineWashables

    Speculation and Spoilers

    I am ashamed to say it, but I can't wait for this season to start. This is one of my guilty pleasures. Glad to see they changed things up a bit with the Truth Booth too. I wonder if even one couple who identified as a "perfect mate" is still together from previous seasons. Anybody know?
  6. FineWashables

    S04.E21: Maybe You'll Appreciate Me Someday

    Here's a little twist that would have made the Maddie vs Fun Bobby scene much more effective: when Fun Bobby starts in on the rapist lines about how this is the way adults do business, he should have said, hey just ask Cash, she's known me for years, she knows the score. At least then that part of the story line would have had some resolution. Creepy producer or not, Maddie signed a contract, so going home with Mom and Dad didn't resolve any of that. I wonder how the courts will feel about a minor returning home to a father she claimed to be too afraid to live with.
  7. FineWashables

    S32.E14: Not Going Down Without A Fight / S32.E15: Reunion

    What always makes me puke in my mouth a little is when a contestant brags that "when I really had to, I dug in and won immunity." So... you didn't really try to win any other challenges? What a load of horseshit.
  8. FineWashables

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    Let's not forget Saint!
  9. FineWashables

    Mike & Molly

    This was a clever show throughout its run, based on a clever premise. The last four episodes seemed to be a Beat the Clock version of how to cram every tv romcom cliche into a finale. I think the characters all deserved better. When Mr Washables and I saw an episode description three weeks ago that said "Molly encounters a former student" we both said, well the student must be pregnant and so Mike and Molly will adopt a child and then find out she's pregnant for real. We were kidding because we assumed the writers could do better. Guess they're too busy polishing their resumes. That said, glad to see Carl and Victoria got together again.
  10. FineWashables

    S06.E04: Book of the Stranger

    Based on what Daario said when Dany stood there in the fire -- "So the stories are true!" -- they knew the legends about her, but didn't really believe they could be true. I thought Margery was going to mercykill Loras there in his cell so he wouldn't have to deal with more torture. I know she said he was the family's future, but it also looked like she gave up on him ever pulling himself together. I know I have. I don't think Brienne has ever had a man look at her appreciatively. It was a strange experience for her to see a man check her out -- from what we've seen, everyone looks at her like she's some strange monstrous person because of her size. I wonder if she's going to get curious about it. I'd enjoy seeing her find a lover!
  11. FineWashables

    S03.E19: Failed Experiments

    So the primitive man gets a transfusion of Kree blood, and this gives him superpowers. Okay. Then how come the Krees clearly do not have superpowers of their own? They were destroyed so easily by the Inhumans; the Krees had no defense against their attackers. How do you pass on genetic material that you don't possess yourself? This makes no sense whatsoever to me. We saw Ward in an earlier episode reveal his true face to his followers; hence SquidWard. Where does a squid face fit into the origin story we saw last night? At no point did anybody look like a squid. I think they're just making this up as they go along.
  12. FineWashables

    S06.E01: The Red Woman

    We saw someone (sorry, can't remember who) advise Ramsay to get Sansa back because he needs a legal heir, and she's the only one who can give it to him. So he sent bloodhounds for tracking rather than attack dogs for killing. I know Theon Greyjoy/Reek has had his bits cut off and so could never be her husband, but I imagine that he and Sansa could pair off on this adventure. They're close in age, no? If the Red Witch does, indeed, have the power to raise the dead, then why would she raise up Jon Snow instead of her man Stannis? Not enjoying Arya being blind. I'm hoping that girl from the temple who was hitting her with the stick is Arya's Frenchman who can change shapes, and that once Arya has learned to rely on her other senses to kick ass, she will have passed some kind of test and he'll restore her sight. ETA: The two guys are riding through a huge spread of empty land. With hundreds of miles of land around them, they just happen to stop in the exact spot where Danerys dropped her ring, and immediately saw it buried in the dirt -- we saw him have to clear out the dirt when he picked it up. Sure. Please try a little harder, show.
  13. FineWashables

    S03.E16: Paradise Lost

    I kept waiting for Giyera to yell "Big Eye Tuna!" or "Ladyfingers"! Then I was so disappointed when Ward revealed his true self and Givera didn't yell "Squid!" Puzzling how they have these outfits designed to prevent any and all attacks, but Giyera doesn't even bother to wear a cup.
  14. FineWashables

    Sue & Mel: Pilfering Presenters

    I guess it's just me, but I can't stand the brunette, whichever one she is. (I've watched 2 seasons of this show faithfully so far and somehow have never heard or seen their names before coming to this forum today.) The blonde is ok, but the brunette is absolutely unbearable. She's like a female version of Larry the Cable Guy. Otherwise, this show is perfect!
  15. FineWashables

    S01.E07: All the Livelong Day

    Also -- and I almost hate to pick holes at this point -- how is it that Ben has never seen a sunrise, yet has an ongoing game he plays with Adam about eating prime rib and other fancy foods unlikely to be served to kids who share a piece of stale bread every day? How would Ben even know about these things?