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Gilmore Girls Trivia Game

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Because what I REALLY need in my life are more time-killing activities that enable my raging TV addiction :) 

Someone posts a trivia question about anything related to GG, and whoever guesses it correctly posts the next question. Sound fun? I'll get us started:

Q: Name three famous people who Rory references in her high school valedictorian speech. 

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A.  Creed, and Amy Grant! 

Q.  What cause/project was the basket fundraiser in A Tisket a Tasket raising funds for?  (I just saw this ep the other day on ABCFam and noticed this truly trivial tidbit for the first time...)

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Oooh, good one!  I had to go look at screencaps to get this one.  All proceeds go to the SH Retirement Home.


Q.  What thought should Brian not have said out loud, according to Zach?

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http://www.homeofthenutty.com/gilmoregirls/screencaps/  I discovered it not that long ago.  It's great!


'Millie' was fantastic, thanks for asking!  It had several LOL moments, and even though the kids oopsed up a few times it wasn't really noticeable (except for once, when Jimmy accused Millie of being a womanizer, when obviously it was supposed to be her line to him LOL).  We went to the Saturday afternoon showing so it wasn't crowded at all, which was definitely a plus.

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A: Is it that Brian thinks Buddy Holly was attractive?!


If so:


Q: In It's Just Like Riding A Bike, Jackson is very excited for the pizza that he and Lorelai plan to eat on the couch. What toppings are supposed to be on this much-anticipated pizza?

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A:  Well, I'm guessing it was probably loaded with meat, so I'm going to guess pepperoni AND sausage? Maybe bacon too?


Q: If I'm right.....name two things Luke was trying to order from the boating catalogue that were on back order.

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Hee---yes, pepperoni and meatballs and sausage and ...my arteries clogged up just thinking about it ;) 


A wood rack and band saw! (I just recently rewatched WBB!) 

Q: What was one anachronism that Paris spotted in The Bracebridge Dinner and so kindly pointed out to Lorelai?! 

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A: Tito Puentes! 

Q: Other than the chosen My Heart Will Go On, what are a couple of other songs with the word "Heart" in it that are brought up as possibilities to play at Chin Chin's funeral? 

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A: A Bowie song with bow-wow woof-woof, My Heart Belongs to Daddy. And assorted other songs with heart in the title.


 This is one of my favorite questions to give.


Q: How many ball caps has Luke worn on GG?

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Let's see: Greenish one first half of season 1, then the blue one Lorelai gave him in FAS for a really long time, as in if it were real life you'd have to take it from him by force, then the awful black one, actually I think there may have been two of those, the second somewhat less awful than the first, and then the blue one again...

So I'll say 4, though there may have been more season 1....

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Great question, Lulu! I can see why it's one of your faves....and thanks for the kudos MsT!


I just re-watched the pilot yesterday, so here's a credits question:


Q: how many actors/actresses were in the credits at some point during the show's run that weren't in the credits of the pilot?

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Sunflowers!  And aw, Emily.  Wanting to do up a special room for Rory.  I thought that was sweet, even if Lorelai was offended LOL.

Q.  What "cheesy" song did Hep Alien rock out to at Jackson's political rally?

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Hee!  I used to jump out of trees singing that song when I was younger.


I only know one of the U2 references off the top of my head, so I'll give others a chance on that one.  :)

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WiTs  (Bono is a must)

Ballrooms and Biscottis (they stalked Bono)

One Has Class (Lane has to get famous and introduce them to Bono


What did Jess say Luke was listening to (when he was actually listening to the self-help tape)?

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