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S03.E01: A Kick-Ass Risky Business Party

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Finally watching the premiere and MY GOD I cannot focus on anything Adam is saying because of Sean's major ass growth spurt. He and Junior from Black-ish both grew so much between seasons.


The actress is now a regular on Gotham.

Good for her. I always thought she looked too old for Adam, and now that he is finally catching up to her, she's (mostly) gone!


Lainey is too good for Barry. Christ he's annoying.

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Markie Post is a great example of the mullet. Combine Markie's mullet with Farrah's feathers or the sausage roll curls on the shorter part of front. The Jean Smart photo had the mullet part, imagine the front not being permed but being parted in the middle and feathered/curled back. I wish I could take a photo of my yearbook, but I want to protect the guilty.


Markie Post's hairstyle was almost as famous in the 80's as the "Rachel" was in the 90's!  Oh, I had the parted down the middle with the sausage roll curls down each side in the early 80's as did most of my female friends, but mine wasn't a mullet.  I think maybe Kristy McNicol had something similar to a feathered mullet during her "Family" days http://www.eonline.com/eol_images/Entire_Site/2012010/300.mcnichols.ls.11012.jpg  Maybe this is what you mean.  Like you, I have yearbooks full of those hairstyles on the boys and the girls.  I love your comment about protecting the guilty!

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I had a long distance relationship in the 1980’s, so all the problems with long distance calls, letters,faxes, etc rang true. Kids today don’t know the struggle of skipping lunch for a week so you can feed quarters into a payphone to talk to your boyfriend. (I eventually married him, so it did work out, but not until after a $469 phone bill in college)

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