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S15.E19: Downloaded Child

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Well all and all a good episode. Heartbreaking case, good guest stars, Barba being awesome and a Bensidy break-up. Yupp I'll call all that good.
Being on team-Rollins though I didn't like BossBenson's snarky remark about the eval & 'you do your job I do mine'. Way to empower your detectives BadBossBenson.

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Tara, your screen grab of "Fin speaks for us all" - awesome.  Also, that house.  Ew. 

Is it just me or is Benson's relationship with her shrink getting increasingly creepy.  Hell, it has been creepy for awhile. 

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Benson's shrink has given me the creeps since the beginning but that's because of the actor, not the character. I have seen Bill Irwin play too many creepy characters to see him as a good guy now. I guess he played his parts so well in the past that I just can't see him as a normal person who doesn't have homicidal tendencies. I know he is supposed to be a caring doctor on SVU but every episode part of me is waiting for him to reveal his true murderous self to Olivia. Sort of ruins his scenes for me but he isn't on very often so it could be worse. I do wish they would bring B.D Wong back though. I liked him as the SVU shrink.

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Bensidy break up?  They seemed pretty together at the end.

(seriously, they had never said ILY before that?)

I agree that the scene it self was rather hard to grasp but if you read the actual script page, you can find it on Warren's twitter, it ends with something like "they walk off together, but apart" Rather cryptic but since Winters has a new show on another network I don't think he can stick around anyway.

And totally agree about the shrink. Nate Haskell has freeked me out since the beginning of the Lewis saga, I'm sorry to the actor, but I just can't even watch those scenes (it got even worse when she had that nightmare and kissed him *ewww*)

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A follow-up on the issue of restitution brought up in this episode. As of now, it looks as though a victim cannot claim the full amount of assessed restitution from a single defendant (presumably unless agreed to in a plea deal). Glad the episode came out when it did - I'm not sure they could've reworked it (or they would've had to write a much sadder ending!)

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