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 The barber shop was a good mix of clues not too easy not too hard. Which made it all the more frustrating when the blue team, who were working well together and way ahead bought not one but two codebreakers. And the red team, what can I say? They even left Jimmy Pardo at a loss for words. 


Thanks for the link to the video clips, they were interesting. I was hoping that they would have full episodes online since I missed the first one, the explorer's study, and they never seem to repeat the damn things! (They don't.) If this was the last episode I hope they come back with a second season quickly. It's an enjoyable show, and not just in a "Boy, am I smarter than these idiots" way. I try to be cognizant of the time pressures they're under, and some of the clues have been way too difficult.

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I spent the entire barbershop episode yelling at the contestants. In my head, I'm still doing it. The guy was just automatically rejecting the idea of following up on the clue they found, and everyone else just shrugged and did what he said. Baffling!

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The guy on the red team was infuriating. I feel like he thought "I'm the MAN" and "I'm much older than these two girls" and that meant that he was automatically the leader. Well, he led them into defeat. Punching in every random number that appears in the room? Idiota.

Genevieve was too concerned about her appearance. Seems like she broke out into a rash? She put a hat on her head to make herself feel pretty and to distract people from her face? Dumb.

On the other hand, I couldn't stand Anipp, the "smartest man in the room", either. He had some really ridiculous suggestions for someone who says they are the "smartest man in the room". Suggesting they just punch in a random 4 digit code?

I am glad that this episode showed the other team learning what they did wrong. I have been wanting to see this happen, and it was nice to see here.

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This says it is the full episode of the Explorer's Study, if it is I think you are lucky because it was used as a free preview:



Thanks so much for that link! (If you just look for 'full episodes' it says there aren't any.) I remember seeing the tail end of that episode when it aired, but didn't remember which team won so I wasn't spoiled. (And this show really isn't about which team wins.) I understand now why they picked it for the first episode to air. Both teams worked together really well, the red team came back from a 2-4 deficit, and it was neck and neck (on and off) till the end.


ETA: And the clues were all doable, not too hard, not too easy, juuuust right.

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Okay, the Barbershop Episode was HILARIOUS.  The different than usual ending with the show rubbing in how stupid the Red team was? Gold. And Pardo, who often has VERY little to work with had PLENTY of material to work with here.


All 3 of that Red team share the responsibility, but to me that one guy on the team was the main problem. The others at some point both found useful things and he not only found nothing, he usually distracted them from whatever they'd found.


Even the winning team walking away with nothing?  More hilarity. They were actually a pretty darn smart team except for their tendency to enter so many clearly wrong codes (and use codebreakers they had no real need to). The Indian guy was the total dumpkoff with that (the one urging them to waste so many guesses and cluebreakers). Although he also was the one who got that thing with the posters. The redhead on that team was the one really driving them.  She talked everything out, which can often be a bad strategy when the person is just blathering, but she was smart enough to not get stuck on any one idea. 

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Watching the eps again on my DVR and it's easy to see, now, why they chose the Explorer's Study as both the 'free preview' and the first episode. The two teams got the first clue within seconds of each other and each had figured out the clue fairly rapidly, opening the table, freeing the balls from the maze, putting the letters in the combo lock and freeing one person to punch in the code immediately. It could draw the audience in immediately as to how the game should be played.


ETA: I think this blue team might also have been the one that was closest to solving all the puzzles in the least amount of time. But then they fell down on the France clue.


ETA again: Odd that after solving several clues where the code was OBVIOUS (numbers with circles around them, spelled out on the typewriter etc, they devolved into trying random numbers on the champagne corks and boxes.

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In the Chinese Restaurant episode those Big Black Numbers on the maze wall are so obvious that I'm still not sure how the person giving the directions could miss them.

Red team definitely had the better idea in getting their teammates through the maze concentrating on one person at a time and not being distracted by the rest of the room.

Annnd they just keep walking past the GIANT BLACK NUMBERS!

And after the obviousness of the maze numbers they get the straightforwardness of the pot, screen, castle, bubbles and then the really complicated one. I'm not sure how this could have been made a little bit easier? Maybe the lines and liquid in the vases in a different, more vibrant color? They were really not seeing that and in combination with the length of the screens, I'm not sure any team would have worked that out in the time available without help.

After that though the blue team powered through the rest of the clues and won $7500, they lost $500 in the last second.

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Just noticed the person behind the bar in the Bar challenge had protective eyewear on, so as to keep the beer out of their eyes?.


Red team was working well together with the duct tape chairs. Too bad they lost it soon after.


Stop! Stop putting random numbers in! Why do they do that?!


I think the black light needed to be a little more noticeable. Even when they had the clue for it they had a hard time finding it.


I still don’t know how they could make the jump to chalking the pool table? What was supposed to help them know what to do there?


And they didn't win any money.


The only thing the Red team solved on their own was the first one, getting the key out of the beer and the numbers on the bar flap.

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The Schoolhouse! Oh my, the school house, could Bob be more irritating?


Especially blaming Yosi, who was locked down on a desk, for the failure.


Just noticed in this one too, the person on the desk in the front has protective eyewear on, that should have been a clue too, something was going to have to happen that they would need protection for their eyes, like the balloons popping.


“The simplest, most direct solution is usually the correct one”


Blue team working really well with the rebus and numbers desk clues.




The cards on the board were hard, good guess on the blue teams part with the piano and song.


Most money won?

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I know! Me too! it even said the programs original air date was today so I set it to record but when it came on it was a rerun. So I stopped the recording :(

Maybe because they added some behind the scenes stuff it gave it a different air date.

Poor Yosi, trying to tell Bob how to break the balloons, No, No, don't throw them to me.

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