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Julia Nolan: She's In It to Twin It!

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Pardon my channeling the spirit of Randy Jackson for the title, but I think a lot of the fun of having the twins on is observing their differences (and not just the physical ones that Jason/Da'Vonne/etc picked up on).


For the most part, Julia's game has been more calm and considered where Liz has been "the bubbly one".  This has led to people (including me) thinking this means Julia is the smarter/more sensible twin, but I think it may simply be that Julia has had to be reactive because she went in second, because she's playing "Liz" where Liz is simply being herself, and because Liz's willingness to flirt (up to a point, she's said she's annoyed by Austin's presumptions) has set up some relationship dynamics that Julia doesn't feel comfortable playing into, since they weren't based on any interactions she's had.  Now that both twins are in the house it should be easier to compare and contrast.  


(And, as I've noted in the Liz thread, Liz has impressed me with her handling of the "Austin finked to Jason! We can't trust him!" situation from last week, as well as her academic background, so I'm trying to give her a fair chance.  I still think Julia is hotter, though.)


Anyway, I went back and watched episode 17.02 (Liz's first episode, possibly Julia's as well) and I enjoyed seeing this DR session, where Liz talks about things in the BB House not being what they seem, and neither are the people.  (Subtle hint to the Twin Twist, there.)  What may make it even more awesome is if, as I suspect, we're seeing Liz in the House, but that's Julia in the DR:




Oh, and remember when Liz won (co-)HoH in Week 4 and Johnny Mac was frustrated in his attempt to check her pictures for evidence of dentistry, because they were pics of when a young Liz was missing the tooth in question?  Well on BBAD, Liz was laughing because one of the "Liz" pictures was actually Julia.  So production is definitely having its fun, as well.

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Holy crap!  So Julia beat leukemia and Liz graduated with honors?  Mamma Nolan (or someone) raised some tough girls.


It's interesting that, at least at this moment in the game, the twins seem to have switched personalities; Liz is all "Austin's a number and a meatshield; don't worry about it, I know how to handle creeps" logic and Julia is the "EW! Hands off my sister, you psycho!" emotional player.  This is possibly a function of Julia having been out of the house for almost all of Week 5…the six days she was out was her longest absence of the season.  We'll see if they revert to form, soon.  After all, as Julia wrote, "Liz dates for love and I date for fun", so she should be the more-balanced of the two, I would think.  

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Liz has told Julia that she knew she could manage Jeff, which was followed by Jeff trying to blackmail Liz with the little he knew about the twin twist. Then she told Julia that she could manage Austin, which was followed by Austin macking on Liz and running to Jason and exposing the entire twin twist. So given Liz's ability to "handle" those two, and that Liz didn't believe that Austin actually said he wanted to vote Julia out before Jury so that he could be in the house with Liz, I'm not surprised Julia is the more emotional one right now. Liz is lucky Julia hasn't smacked her upside the head with a 2x4 to clear her thoughts. They need to get rid of Austin soon if he isn't to be a millstone around their necks.

Liz seems to need Julia more to check her ideas with than Julia needs Liz for that function. That's what I noticed during their DR switch ups, at any rate. But your point about having been out of the house for so long is a good one. You'd know you missed a lot of nuance that would be impossible to fill in.

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The show has a separate bio of Julia posted now.  Here is their summary of Julia:

Tall, blonde, gorgeous.... And there's two of them! Julia and her twin sister, Liz, make quite the statement when they enter a room together. The twins do everything together, down to their matching breast augmentations, which were done on the same day. Julia is known as the feisty, more "tom boy" of the two. She's super athletic and loves surfing, rock climbing, soccer and crossfit. A bit of a man eater, Julia says, "Liz dates for love and I date for fun." Having overcome Leukemia when she was 6, Julia is definitely a fighter and will bring that mentality into the BB house and knows she has the will to get to the end, with or without her sister.
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Am I the only one who has been imagining Liz and Julia as Eastern European this entire time. I was disappointed when I saw that their last name is Nolan. They remind me of the Serbian model from ANTM who was murdered.

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Am I the only one who has been imagining Liz and Julia as Eastern European this entire time. I was disappointed when I saw that their last name is Nolan. They remind me of the Serbian model from ANTM who was murdered.

I've always seen their features as vaguely Germanic.

Which is kinda surprising, considering Nolan is Irish in origin.

But hey, what ya gonna do...?

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