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Danny "Danno" Williams -- Still not Hawaiian

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Congratulations to Scott & his longtime girlfriend, Kacy Byxbee (who's worked/who works in the H50 wardrobe department)! If you haven't heard, they welcomed their first child, daughter Josie James (James is presumably for Scott's father, James Caan), on July 9th.


Scott & Kacy have the only daughter among the 4 main leads in the cast--Alex, Daniel, & (apparently, seeing as there's never been an official announcement of her pregnancy/delivery) Grace Park are all parents to sons only.

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This pic, of Scott at a restaurant in Honolulu with a female baby, taken recently by a fan, appeared yesterday (December 11th) on the Facebook & Twitter of an H50 fansite.



I'm posting the links because the general consensus in the Facebook comments (with 1 dissent) is that the baby with Scott in the pic is his & his girlfriend Kacy's now 5 month-old daughter, Josie James. So this would be the 1st publicly shared pic of her, if so. I thought I might as well share it too, in case it is baby Josie since I know some might be interested to see a pic of her.

Let me also say the dissenting Facebook commenter believes the baby belongs to the fan who took the pic. I could see that too; although, in my opinion Scott's looking at her an awful lot like a father would at his child, not like someone would look at a stranger's baby.

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So, Scott has pretty much checked out of this show now, right? He seems to be on very little each episode and it's rare that Danny and Steve spend any buddy time together anymore. As much as the carguments got to be too much, I still miss their friendship and the show has lost a lot, for me, because of it. I mean he seemed to be in tonight's show more but that only seemed to show how much he's been missing lately.

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If you're in/going to be in Los Angeles on Sunday, May 3rd; specifically from 12 Noon-1PM, Pacific Time, a group/organization/whatever called Photo Independent Art Fair will be presenting A Conversation with Actor/Photographer Scott Caan and Debra Weiss.

The program will be held at Raleigh Studios' Chaplin Building Screening Rooms. Debra Weiss appears to be the Moderator, or something similar.

The event (& all events involved with Photo Independent Art Fair) are open to photographers & the general public. Attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you're interested in going, the address for the program is:

Raleigh Studios Hollywood

5300 Melrose Avenue

Hollywood, CA 90038

Again, it's in the Chaplin Building Screening Rooms

This is the link to the page which seems to have the entire schedule of events for the Photo Independent Art Fair; just scroll down until you get to Scott's event on May 3rd--I think it's the 1st, or only, event that day. Also, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page there appear to be other links which could be helpful as far as other information you might need if you're in the area & interested in attending Scott's program (or any other).



Also, if you're in/going to be in Los Angeles between June 4 & July 12, Scott will be starring in The Trouble We Come From, a new World Premiere play he's also written, at The Falcon Theatre.

This is the same theatre, owned by actor/producer/director Garry Marshall (also brother of actress/director Penny Marshall), where another play by Scott--No Way Around But Through, which co-starred Melanie Griffith as Scott's character's Mom & likely got her the part in H50 S4 as Danny's Mom, Clara Williams--was produced/World Premiered during the summer hiatus between S2 & S3, if I remember correctly.

Tickets for Scott's new play The Trouble We Come From go on sale May 2nd.

More information can be found here, at the Falcon Theatre website. And not for nothing, but I'd bet the closing date is probably sometime around when H50 S6 would be going into production--I remember the closing date of Scott's last play at the Falcon was within a day or 2 of when S3 (I think it was) was supposed to begin production.


And here's the link to the page specific to the play:


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The Photo Independent exhibition (or whatever you call it), which is doing a program with Scott in LA on Sunday, May 3rd (see the above post) has now also announced that Scott has been named the Guest of Honor at their opening night preview, which will benefit The Colburn School. Opening night is Friday, May 1st. The opening night preview will take place at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood (see above post for the actual address), from 5-10PM Pacific Time.

They've further announced that they will also present a special exhibition of over 30 of Scott's photographic works, also at Raleigh Studios, from Friday, May 1st-Sunday, May 3rd. The Friday general show hours are in the above paragraph. The general show hours for Saturday, May 2nd, are 11AM-7PM Pacific Time; general show hours for Sunday, May 3rd, are 11AM-6PM Pacific Time.

If you're interested, check the last paragraph at this link for further information:


It tells you such things as how to access parking at Raleigh Studios & how much you'll have to pay for it, & gives you another link to go to for further information & to purchase tickets to Photo Independent.

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If H50 gets renewed is Scott Cann contractually obligated to return? Usually, actors sign a 5 year contract, right? I was just wondering if Cann has mentally checked out of the show and Hawaii.

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If H50 gets renewed is Scott Cann contractually obligated to return? Usually, actors sign a 5 year contract, right? I was just wondering if Cann has mentally checked out of the show and Hawaii.

Unless they work something out otherwise, or Rachel's life-changing surprise for Danny in Part 1 of Friday's 2-hour Season Finale event is a potential way of writing him out if they can't get him renegotiated, or whatever, satisfactorily over the summer hiatus, as far as I know Scott Caan is still contractually obligated to return for a presumed S6. I think most series leads, like Alex & Scott, sign a 7-year contract, not 5.

I think, though, it might be argued that Scott may have mentally checked out of the show & Hawaii at some point in S3. He's never been a fan of the laid-back Hawaiian lifestyle, to start with; he's really made no secret of that from S1 on. And he prefers "character" stories (presumably like Kono's this week) to the usual "procedural" stories in shows like H50.

Also, his family is in LA, including the baby daughter he didn't have when he started the show 5 years ago (she'll be 1 on July 9th); the producers have apparently been good about giving both Scott & Grace Park, also a fairly new parent among the cast leads, some extra time off to be with their new kids since their births & I don't think we can or should begrudge either trying to be good parents despite their normally demanding jobs, especially if the showrunners & CBS are actively trying to accommodate this part of their real lives into their jobs.

Not for nothing, but way back in S1 (or Pre-S1), when Papa Caan was asked to comment about Scott getting the H50 part in some of Scott's interviews, I'd swear he predicted/outright said Scott would probably get "restless", or a similar word, at some point in his commitment to the show. So, if it's happened, I'm not surprised. And who knows someone better, a lot of the time, than their parents, you know?

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Yikes! 7 year contacts. I could have sworn the norm was 5 years. Who knew? LOL!!! Although, they are majorly compensated and are waited on hand & foot the hours for filming an hour show is supposed to be a "killer". Makes you wonder how the people in daytime stay on their shows for 20+ years with not nearly the salary the actors in prime time make? In general, I think the actors in prime time are whiny rich babies. IMO!!!!

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How's this for fun? Claire van der Boom (Danny's ex & Gracie & Charlie's Mom, Rachel in H50) has confirmed, via her Twitter, that she will be co-starring with Scott & actor Michael Weston in Scott's new play, The Trouble We Come From, playing at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank (metro LA), CA June 4th-July 12th.


This time, her character isn't (as far as I know, anyway) directly connected to Scott's--not like Rachel & Danny are connected in H50, at least. In the play, Claire plays the girlfriend of Michael Weston's character & Scott plays the best friend of Michael Weston's character. But they're still in the same play, which could still be fun to see if you like Scott & Claire's chemistry in H50 & you might like to see them/see if they still have the same chemistry in a different project.

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A short (3 minutes long, at most) video has been posted by the Falcon Theatre about The Trouble We Come From, the new play Scott's written which is being produced at the theatre June 4th-July 12th. In the video, the cast & the director talk about the play.


Both Scott & Claire van der Boom (H50's Rachel, who's also co-starring in the play) are in the video (for any Scott/Danny, Claire/Rachel, or "Danchel" fans here); but everybody's comments, including theirs, were filmed individually.

It's fun seeing Claire in it ('cause I haven't really seen her in anything outside of H50) although it's also weird 'cause she's (obviously) using her natural Aussie accent in it, since it's a BTS type video (I assume her play character's probably American, or at least not Aussie)--but her real Aussie accent honestly didn't sound that different, to me, than the supposedly British accent she uses in H50 as Rachel. And, yeah, I know Aussie & British accents aren't that different sounding anyway.

It was also cool seeing Claire talk about working with Scott as a playwright, as opposed to talking about working with him as "just" a fellow actor in something like an H50 DVD "extra" featurette (if she ever did 1). I know her H50 character's only a recurring 1, but I wish they would do a DVD "extra" with Claire sometime, talking about the whole Rachel/Danny "dynamic"--especially now that she's told Danny Charlie's actually his son, like she said when she announced the pregnancy, & not Stan's--& why she thinks (other than the writers write her that way, of course) Rachel tends to treat Danny so crappily when it comes to access to their (now 2) kid(s) after something involving his work scares her.

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Just in case anyone's interested, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail posted an article yesterday (September 7th) with numerous (at least 3) pics of Scott & his partner Kacy walking around NYC in the last day or so with their almost 14-month-old daughter, Josie James. Kacy's pushing Josie in a stroller & Scott's standing next to her, sort of behind & a bit to the side of the stroller. By the way, a day or 2 prior to this NYC sighting, Scott took a pic with a fan who seems to work at a South Carolina aquarium at least Scott seems to have visited.


You can't see Josie that well in the 1st pic, but if the page loads right (& sometimes it doesn't on mobile devices like iPhones) & you keep scrolling down, there should be at least 2 more pics with the article where you can see Josie fairly clearly. She's kinda cute, I think.


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On 7/22/2021 at 9:45 PM, Passepartout said:

Really at times I wonder why Danny could just say no to Steve over riding in his car? Sometimes Steve needed a taste of his own medicine.

Danny COULDN’T say no to Steve because Steve was his boss (& eventually his best friend). He also couldn’t say no because he had what became 2 children he had to pay child support for, who had become used to living a certain lifestyle, thanks to the choice his ex-, Rachel, made for a second husband—he bought them anything;  especially out of Danny’s bank account & credit card limits. Danny felt he had to compete or risk losing both kids to rich stepfather Stan. Then, there were the remaining hospital, doctor, & transplant-related bills Danny had to cover once Rachel backtracked on her lie about Charlie’s paternity & Danny was the only donor for the bone marrow transplant to hopefully cure Charlie’s HLH. Nothing major medical, like that, is cheap & insurance doesn’t cover a lot. Danny would have to chip in with Rachel on Charlie’s medical bills, or pay what insurance didn’t in full, per his & Rachel’s divorce agreement. Same goes with the bills from Gracie’s medical/surgical/hospital/possibly rehab bills related to the car accident where she got the brain injury.

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True but that is not the way Steve needed to treat Danny at times. But still Steve really got on my last nerve when he had to drive other people's cars. He may be the boss but he really needed to be taken down a notch or two. Became my very least favorite in the latter years. Just had to feel bad for Danny.

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Could be a “surfer” thing. More likely it helped disguise the fact Scott’s hair was already thinning out at an early age (If I remember, Scott & Alex were only 34 when the show actually premiered—& so about a year younger when the Pilot filmed; mid-30s is an early age to begin going bald). If you look at a bunch of the scenes where Danny’s hair got wet during a Five-0 op of some kind, the front of his hairline wasn’t that great for a guy his age.

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