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  1. Really the FBI does come off on TV as know it smug know it alls who think the rules apply to everybody except them.
  2. I just wished that Danny if he was allowed to drive Steve's truck was the least of what Steve could had done to Danny after ten seasons driving his Camaro. Can't have Danny drive his own car? Really Steve you can be so foolish at times. Bear in mind Danny's Camaro was torched when he was kidnapped and tortured. I love Steve with Catherine and really no other woman could fill in the void. But Catherine look when she returned to ask him to help out his mother Doris, in a sense, should had shown her the door before he proposed to her. She lied to him and really kept going to him for favors instead of just sitting down and talking about what might had been?! As he was in the middle of his date with Lynn. Yeah Lynn was not for him but give her credit for being patient and kind of his mother. Loved it when Lynn in a sense before Catherine did not know Steve was going to propose, kind of shoved it in Catherine's face. Like he tried to propose but you turned him down before she saw the look on her face and Lynn felt remorse?! Glad Lynn and Catherine did not get into a catfight. At times wished she got the reason you suck speech! But know that the show needs to get a spin off as it did not tie up loose ends.
  3. The agent did not seem bright when questioned by Benny. As did not know he caused a mistrial and did not know that taxpayers had to pay for it. He should had done the arrest in private if there was on and not in front of a court. Really guy should not be wearing a badge.
  4. Yeah as the rules apply to everybody except McGarrett. People found that funny. I on the other hand did not.
  5. Great for Daniel there! BTW everybody knows here that I have had a love-hate relationship with Steve. And a lot has to do with his control issues. As really yes it is a thing in the military you are suppose to be in control true. But when it comes to like driving everybody's car, or having them pay for the food he orders like with Danny knocking everything down for Indian food back in season 5 in an undercover operation there. As sure Danny paid for it. Really it got rude and annoying. It was not funny at all. He is the boss but not to a point of crossing a line. I am probably in the minority but really it got to being inconsiderate and rude of Steve.
  6. Yeah as really think that Five 0 is with ex-cops and that of being kicked off the force or not making it like Tani in the Police Academy there. As that is why I think Steve turned it over for Lincoln and knowing that at least I wished Grover would had done the lead as in the interim since he is at retirement age. Kind of a slight to Grover as he is up there as my favorites. Grover could show Lincoln the ropes a bit but later on retire and give Lincoln the keys to Hawaii and the task force.
  7. At times Danny was mistreated by Steve his so called best friend as a peasant boy or a servant. Really as everybody on this forum knows I have a love-hate relationship with Steve in the past latter years. But it really came to a blow with Joan Collins as his mother in law or former, coming and treating Danny even worse. Wished Steve would had got into her face but no he did not. Wished Danny would had given both of them the reason you suck speech. As someone on the forum says that the show treats Danny like crap!
  8. Well there could had been split up into three part series finale. Really did not answer a lot of questions.
  9. Really wonder if the fans will get louder to have a spin off? Need to have people like that of Junior, Cole, Lou, Quinn teaming up as well as a younger generation while Tani's got a new CBS sitcom in the works.
  10. That is really when I started to dislike Steve a bit. As really the guy can be so foolish and really Danny tries not to ask for anything in return. Steve just drives Danny's car and that it made Steve out to be foolish. Really hate that Steve like you said got all the love but Danny is the one who does it all. Yes Danny complains and moans. But Steve puts him through a lot. Danny at least got the love of his Ohana back in the end.
  11. I think that Lou needs to run Five 0. He has a better temperament and is the real professional cop there. Despite some skirmishes there. But it would be an interim as he would had retire and then give it to Cole there. Wished that Steve would had allowed Danny to drive Steve's truck after Danny's Camaro was wiped off. But in a sense, giving Danny his house there for putting him through a lot, kind of makes up for driving his Camaro with him being passenger. Just my two cents. Poor Danny! Think both Danny could be a mentor realizing that he could not leave his two children without a father, would retire after he nearly died and could be like a PD consultant and he and Lou would groom Cole there! Other than that I give it a 9/10. Plus thanks B.W. Manilow for putting up with us and taking your time when you could had done other things. But really thanks so much. Very appreciate you! Thank you Five 0 for ten seasons! A rarity in TV these days unless you are S.V.U. LOL!
  12. Yeah as really however it seems except for extreme ones. Alex did almost all of his stunts. Really got to give him credit over it.
  13. Yeah as really being in scene from scene can't blame Alex for wanting to leave, maybe focusing on producing.
  14. Doris was more of a sarcastic type IMHO Yeah Steve would not like NJ but wished that they would explored that as Danny would make fun of Steve not liking NJ as Steve earlier seasons teased Danny about not liking Hawaii Danny should had said no Steve, I am driving no and's, if's, nor but's about it. Wished he would do something like that as Steve should had relented but that is a military thing and his controlling ways. Lincoln Cole is a lot of like Steve but sadly we will not get to have that character development there. Really will dread next week and that people like Catherine are not coming back.
  15. Yeah as really Peter L should had thought about a spin off while the show was going to be getting cancelled after ten seasons.
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