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  1. Producers have been shipping Tani and Junior since they came on really as I have too! But really need to make you know what not in the car but in their houses or someone could had gone or called the cops on them Harry I love but did not give him really nothing to do Really they are showing less of Steve!
  2. Just how Steve manage to get Danny out of jail shows he has a lot of influence, he told the feds it is my island and I can do whatever I want to do.
  3. Scott does have a lot of interests. Someone says he is like a Renaissance man there not just acting, but writing, directing, plays, photography, has a daughter. What strikes me he was not named as a producer like that of Alex.
  4. Really wish in a sense Quinn was Steve's partner. They look at each other like partners on each other's level. As both click. Adam really when are you going to know you can't fool Steve! He is smarter than you. And he will be onto you in a heartbeat. Really either be good or go back to your thugs of mafia "family." Wish you dumped your girlfriend. Danny usually I like but can't believe I am writing this. But really they are making him out to be a jerk this season. Usually I save that for Steve who is actually being a lot more likable these days despite control freak needing to drive and being a jerk about it. Other than that, Steve really has developed but seem less and less of him these days despite being the star. Danny and Rachel producers for now may have buried them for the time being under the rug. Tani being an instructor really cute! But enough with the kidnapping!
  5. Really Danny in the trying to get help. And Steve you would think would come to his rescue. Guess they buried Rachel under the rug for now. As this girl of his dreams dies at the end of the episode. He probably could not think straight after the boy ran them off the road. And that sadly that guy was not caught but that is TV for ya. Note never be on the phone or texting while you are driving. Eddie I thought got his P.T.S.D. there over on that of in the CIA ransacked Steve's house in the Magnum PI crossover. But it was due to the flowers and plants. Really Adam decide be legit or go back to your criminal ways as Steve is smart and will catch up to you if you are a double agent. Steve is smarter than you think Adam. Love Ian but really Adam has blown every single chance he has to go legit. Being a double agent is a double whammy and possibly a death sentence. Please start giving Lou a more deeper role and really Chi's acting carries the show a bit. As he is becoming more of a father figure to Junior, Tani, and Quinn. Please hate that he does not have a larger role and miss McGrover a lot.
  6. Yeah as really sometimes as mentioned before they pulled over the father with their red lights and sirens, Steve says he was bullied as a child before he went to become a SEAL but still he bullies it seems without even knowing it Danny. Sure they are like brothers but sometimes I wish at times Danny stood up to Steve. Or he may try to. Makes you wonder why he just takes Steve's putting up with him. Give Danny a medal for that.
  7. Well CIA plot thing as Steve's house last week went from a pig sty to neat. That is TV for you. Steve and Danny at least give them credit for not at all torturing the father and the kids made out as friends. No mention of the CIA or being in a tent at all. But it is like they buried it under the rug. Really glad Lou took the lead here. And that he did a Steve like thing with the golf cart. Loved the security guard working with Lou and with fighting skills there. Wow. Light hearted from last week there for sure.
  8. Really the episode was great but one complaint is that Steve, Lou, and Danny were not in Magnum though I did enjoy girl power with Quinn and Tani But still Steve being captured how many times have we have seen that? You would think Steve would break him and his colleagues/friends out of their mess. CIA does not have jurisdiction on US soil and really wished Lou would had told off the agent, get the heck off his island But the CIA agents were not those, but that of thugs it seems hired by the villain of the week. As if they were, they would not had messed Steve's house up. Well it will be clean next week. Want to bet. But how the so called CIA got to Steve, Danny, and Lou did not clearly say or how they were found or Steve knew they were coming as he could had fought off the "agents" Other than those complaints, enjoyable two parter!
  9. Watched the episode on USA Network on Sunday, with the now "imprisoned" Dale Stuckey who nearly beat the crap out of Elliott and killed a fellow M.E. there. As he was crazy but still I felt he may have had a mental illness. As well as despite meaning well and was a bit of a easy to please annoying person. But Elliott was kind of mean to him. Not excusing of course what Dale did at all. But really he needed to get help.
  10. But how I wonder they will get Five 0 out as really you could not contain that of Steve McGarrett as CIA and other federal agents think they can underestimate the team?! But CIA can't arrest anybody in the USA as other agencies can do that like FBI
  11. Kind of wonder if the CIA rounded up Five 0 and planned to kill them since they know so much or that Magnum and his team as well as Tani and Quinn plan to use leverage against the CIA in hopes of releasing Junior and the team?! Notice in the previews in Spoiler TV that they ruined Steve's house. CIA is corrupt as heck!
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