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S02.E02: Blood Kiss

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Episode Synopsis:


In the wake of Mercy’s brutal act of violence, Mary works to rally the citizenry of Salem against her rebellious, wayward former protégé, and to put an end to the willful Witch’s uprising. Despite the unwanted distraction, Mary moves forward in her bid to complete her Hive's dark task with the promise that her eventual success will result in a permanent reunion with her son. As Dr. Wainwright looks for clues to cure the growing plague, his methods create concern for the Selectmen. While his only hope seems to be the discovery of the pox-ravaged Isaac, who, beyond all expectations, clings to life, the possibility of his success creates additional concern for Mary and Tituba. Meanwhile, John Alden prepares for an epic confrontation still to come, and has a telling encounter with an unexpected ally; Mary’s son begins to show another, unsettling side of his nature; and Anne Hale - ripe with her new and as-of-yet uncontrollable powers - embarks on an unforeseen journey... but discovers more than she bargained for.

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Boy, the actress who plays Mercy really gets the shit end of the stick. Last season she had to endure a really bad haircut growing out, now burn makeup. Yikes.

Speaking of yikes... There was some… weeeeeird making out scenes in this episode. The mother/son incest ones to be exact. Is this a witch thing? Because unlike Lucy Lawless (no, her character name has not yet imprinted my brain), Mary did NOT seem to be into it at all.

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Yeah, there was a whole lot of squicky incest going on here.  Since both of it was mother/son, I wonder if this some kind of thing where sons of witches, end up having the hots for their mothers.  At least Mary seemed freaked out over it.  Lucy Lawless though, was totally down it.  Yikes!


So, Mercy's coven already has been incinerated.  That was quick.  But, of course, Mercy lives, so this feud is far from over.  Meanwhile, "The Countess"/Lucy Lawless, seems to be forcing Anne into becoming her agent, to find out more about Mary and her plan.  Sounds fun!


Did Alden just straight-up kill that guy on the docks?  Did he have anything to do with the witches?  I get he's on a mission, but that's cold, Alden.  I'm guessing he off The Seer do to his connection to the witches.


Hey, they wheeled out Mr. Sibley, again.  He is still getting put through the ringer, but I feel like Mary consistently telling him what her plan is, will come back to haunt her.  I also wonder if sparing Issac could end up biting her in the ass.


I get that she meant it in a fellow witch way, but when Mary called Tituba her "dark sister", I was like "That was unnecessary, Mary!" about it.  No need to bring race into your witch wars!


Totally remember now that Cotton had a crush on Anne.  Oh, Cotton.

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Just unfortunate that this show is not getting more love from this site!  Seriously, is it not trashy enough?  I love how over-the-top it is!


Last year I was not the biggest Anne Hale fan, but she is now much more interesting.  Would love to see her with Cotton.  Also, I am looking forward to Alden sinking his knife into a witch or two before too long.


I like Isaac too, but really, Mary kinda needed to get rid of him.  Yes, that will come back to bite her.


It's crossed my mind in the last few years to watch something Stuart Townsend is in, and now he's in one of my shows.  I am impressed, he and Lucy Lawless are very good additions.


Well, there didn't seem to be any incest suggestions between Anne Hale and her father.  Does that count as it being only mother/son?  Maybe the witch women need to concentrate on conquering the human race and if she has a son, he is groomed to be a partner as he gets older.  Mary Sibley fell in love with John Alden and he is, of course, an enemy.  As squicky as it is, it would keep the witch women focused on the task at hand.  Mary was highly distracted last season.

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I find Mary pretty fascinating. The other witches don't seem to give a shit about anyone but themselves (and their sons, but that's a whole different can of worms) while Mary not only has a soft spot for Alden, she also seems to love Isaac like a brother. There have been so many times that she probably should have disposed of him but she's never been able to bring herself to do it.

By the way, I had to look away when Mary's son shoved that needle up George's toenail. *shudders*

So, let me see if I can understand this chain of events re: Alden. Mary came out to him by whisking him out of his jail cell. He was seemingly fine with it and they were going to meet before the moon fell and run away together. Well, she stood him up, but he doesn't know that because a town mob attacked him before the moon fell and he was rescued by the Indians. Three days later, he's like, "Kill all the witches!" Uh, okay… Alden's been brainwashed by the Indians, am I reading this right? Because this massive attitude swing otherwise makes no sense.

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Just unfortunate that this show is not getting more love from this site! Seriously, is it not trashy enough? I love how over-the-top it is!

It's my guilty pleasure show. It's OTT but actually has some good acting and something gross or crazy is always happening.

So glad Cotton is heading back to Salem. I'm interested to see what develops between Cotton and Anne and where Anne ends up on the witchy side of things.

Maybe it's just because he seems too good to be true, but I was getting a bit of a creepster vibe from the doctor.

Alden/Shane West remains the weak link for me. I only really liked him with Cotton last season, so I hope they get some scenes soon.

The Countess looks to be an interesting character. I'm glad cause I love Lucy Lawless. Bathtubs, blood kisses and incest. Oh my.

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This show is ... it's something. I suppose they'll never be able to top the bird-penis of last week, but it's good to know they're gonna give it their best shot. Game of Thrones has twincest? Salem's got mother/son incest!


That said, I was surprised/kinda disappointed that Lucy Lawless's son didn't end up being Doctor Wainwright. She was talking about having a son in the last episode, so I was expecting some sort of surprise reveal, but it was a brand new character instead.


As it is, Lucy Lawless is officially the most interesting part of this season. Despite how powerful she is, she's clearly not omnipotent (judging by her scene with Anne). I'm also liking Anne this season; caught between two worlds and struggling to make sense of everything. That scene "inside her soul" was particularly good. I'm not sure whether I would be impressed or terrified that my soul's interior looked like a deep dark forest full of fireflies. 


But I am left wondering who exactly is calling the shots now that the crones in the woods and Magistrate Hale are dead. Tituba seems to be operating under an agenda (one that allows her to restrict Mary's access to her son) but who exactly is she taking orders from? The obvious answer would be the devil himself, but so far that particular figure has kept out of sight.

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The mother/son kissing I think will turn out to have less to do with incest and probably something to do with power. When the Countess's son kissed her he stated that he could taste Anne's innocence. Also the Countess kissed Anne in order to glean information and tag her, or at least thats how I saw it. So I think the show will reveal the reason in time.

Mary looked shocked when her son did the same, I assume next episode we will see exactly what the kissing means.

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