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  1. And S13 ep 2 had Mark Gatiss, who wrote for Dr Who and Sherlock (and played Mycroft Holmes in Sherlock). I am having a wonderful time identifying the actors.... My husband and I are binge watching and are having a lot of fun saying, "isn't that so and so? "
  2. Nine, Ten, Eleven and Twelve had outfits that were a little different, but nothing you wouldn't see walking down the street in NYC. Thirteen's outfit is a costume, which, since she is different from the previous doctors, should be different. It seems to me that she is saying "I'm different, my clothes are different. Let's go have fun". Works for me.
  3. Binge watching on Netflix also and S9 E7 had a younger Peter Capaldi. I kept waiting for him to say "back to the Tardis, everyone".
  4. It's definitely quirky and it looks right on Jodie Whittaker. I like it. I wasn't convinced when Jodie was cast, but, with the addition of three companions and the new look, I'm going to like the show.
  5. DJG1122

    S15.E06: Trapped

    Yes. Non-adopted people know the relatives going back a long way. They may know that they have Mom's nose, Dad's smile and Uncle Bob's eyebrows. They know their history, which is something adoptees don't know. We don't know anything about our pasts. It can be very lonely, not having any "blood' relatives. I know who I am, I wanted to know my past. (And, yes I do now).
  6. DJG1122

    S15.E02: Twofer

    That would be cute, especially with all of us that would recognize it
  7. DJG1122

    S15.E02: Twofer

    Doesn't he usually do that whenever anyone comes into the basement? Ringtone is Scotland the Brave
  8. DJG1122


    Now that I think about it, they did say 'ring' although we saw Matthias arrest only Prosser and the Medical Examiner who buried Dr Vaughn's body. Okay, I'm ready for more Hinterland and more Shetland. More Wallender, Miss Fisher and Murdock.
  9. DJG1122


    WOW! Just WOW! What a season finale! (Series finale?) Loose ends satisfyingly tied up. I still like Prosser even though he killed two people. He was torn between his duty as a cop and direct orders from a superior. He chose badly but we are all guilty of that at some point. One quibble though. I have never heard of a pedophile abusing both girls and boys. Don't they usually favor one or the other?
  10. DJG1122


    Yes. I just turned on Netflix to check and it is season 3. Sorry, my bad.
  11. DJG1122


    Season 4 is on Netflix in the US
  12. Including Davison's granddaughter. (Sorry, couldn't resist).
  13. Yes, but what if...? He is better known than Jodie Whitaker. Maybe this is a marketing ploy. For all those folks who wanted a white male Doctor, we would have Companion KRIS MARSHALL. For all the folks who wanted a woman Doctor, we have JODIE WHITAKER. Wouldn't this please pretty much everybody?
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