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  1. I have the premiere and season scheduled to record and will probably watch it live on Tuesday. I turned on Talking Dead to keep up with Fear (srsly I don't know what the creators/writers are thinking at this point, it was/is so sloooow) and was pleasantly surprised to catch this first hour! Just came here to see if anyone else saw it. Still great IMO. I thought new kid Ryan had nefarious intent with his eyes on Cameron/Donna like that, but looks like he may be loyal (I hope).
  2. Just unfortunate that this show is not getting more love from this site! Seriously, is it not trashy enough? I love how over-the-top it is! Last year I was not the biggest Anne Hale fan, but she is now much more interesting. Would love to see her with Cotton. Also, I am looking forward to Alden sinking his knife into a witch or two before too long. I like Isaac too, but really, Mary kinda needed to get rid of him. Yes, that will come back to bite her. It's crossed my mind in the last few years to watch something Stuart Townsend is in, and now he's in one of my shows. I am impressed, he and Lucy Lawless are very good additions. Well, there didn't seem to be any incest suggestions between Anne Hale and her father. Does that count as it being only mother/son? Maybe the witch women need to concentrate on conquering the human race and if she has a son, he is groomed to be a partner as he gets older. Mary Sibley fell in love with John Alden and he is, of course, an enemy. As squicky as it is, it would keep the witch women focused on the task at hand. Mary was highly distracted last season.
  3. I know why I cried. I had the one of the longest, not-quite-but-almost-soul-crushing days yesterday. Not to mention the Christmas season is stressful. I missed Colbert's ending live so wanted to make sure I didn't miss Craig's last show live. Turned on CBS in the middle of Darlene Love's performance, awesome. Then comes this amazing performance of a wonderful song I've never heard before that is telling you to be yourself and keep doing your thing, keep banging your drum and they'll HEAR you. It was just what I needed at that moment and I bawled and felt so much better! Crying as I write this, and the open is playing in the background from YouTu-- errrr ---- the CBS website for the fifth time, and it was just PERFECT for my moment. I'm one of those people who will watch a pivotal moment in TV and go get the song, just so I can relive that feeling, and I'm in the process of buying from Amazon. If I ever find the one from the show in mp3 format, even better. Unpopular opinion - Colbert's song was amazing but Craig's touched my heart and it's my favorite. EDIT - my favorite appearances in the open: Jon Hamm in his bearded glory not even playing the drums but coffee cups, Matthew McConaughey playing an actual bongo drum, of course Craig actually singing, and after 5 replays I'm convinced Lisa Kudrow was trying to keep from crying.
  4. AAAAAAhhhhh! I'm not reading! Usually I'm crazy about spoilers but there have been several moments that I've read spoilers and it detracts from the show. Since I've been waiting ALL SUMMER, I will not read it!
  5. I am also loving the Alden-Cotton bromance. I hope that Seth Gabel and Shane West are friends IRL and start doing interviews together. I picture their off-set interactions as funny as the show interactions. Show is still creepy and pretty weird, and I am loving it. I thought Mercy was a dead woman. BTW, that shot of her split fingertip, just for a split second, was pretty gruesome, and it fit right in.
  6. While waiting for the posters smarter than me to discuss Stealth, Echo, and RAM: Love seeing Zeljko Ivanek but he was so frail! Excellent casting. Between this, watching Xander Berkeley on Salem, and the return of Jack Bauer, it's deja vu for the old seasons of 24. I am finding Elizabeth's hesitation to allow Paige to participate in the church activities interesting, and it spurs me to read up on how Communism treated religion. This show reminds me to do some light research on the history of the Cold War and the time period. Still loving it.
  7. I gotta say, I'm so trained in watching TV that my ears were trying and expecting to hear English 17th century accents, but other than Mary Sibley, everyone else was just speaking in full formal sentences with no hint of accent that i could hear. I guess the formal pronunciation and sentences are supposed to give you the hint that it was 17th century. I'm not even that good at hearing the accents, I didn't care one flip about Kevin Costner's fakery in Robin Hood. But I guess if the actors can't do it right, they are not allowed to do it at all. That's the only thing that threw me off. Pros: Mmmmmm, Seth Gabel and Shane West. Yay Xander Berkeley. As long as I can find it on WGN, I'm in. I've heard pretty good things about this show and for it to be on crazy competitive Sunday nights is really saying something. I hope it finds its audience and sticks around!
  8. Behind a designer handbag = one shot, dramatically swirling camera shot ends on extremely close up of Olivia's face= two shots My first post, on this crazy show! Unlike KW, I am not pregnant, so I look forward to this drinking game for the finale. I am one of those who binge-watched Scandal on Netflix. Gave up on it when the main character pointed out that everyone running for President is a murderer. But damn it if it didn't suck me back in. I just caught up on BET today, almost against my will. Oh who am I kidding, I'm watching just to see how much more ridiculous it can get. Agree with everyone who is just sticking it out for the finale. Also agree that they should go back to solving the problem of the week rather than spending all their time on Olitz. Don't know if I will be watching on Thursday, but I will be watching!
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