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S01.E03: Takes One to Know One

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It felt more procedural-y.


Dennis Haysbert stopping the kid at the 45 minute mark was awesome. It was just a variation on a Dad sound, right?


I think I kinda like Valentine, despite the similarities between him and his dad. How Val and Dr. Deb interact is fun.


I think I might love Niedermeyer a little, but nothing like my Almond love. *g*


I did like that we found out a bit more about Gravely.


Still not sure about the show though. One more ep, I guess.

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I gotta' say...with all the bad reviews, I was prepared to pile on the hate train.


With nothing else of interest on at the same time I have continued to watch and I find it a bit interesting and a bit of fun - ok, fun is a bit strong.


BUT they are developing and softening and changing and I LOVED the whole dad thing that prompted the confession




Backstrom is the wounded guy and not always the "godlike" guy in spite of his "quirks"


Honestly  I like this show but given the lack of 'chatter' I may be the only one.

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I caught this show totally by mistake and I have to say I like it.  It's rough around the edges, there's very little tension and the mystery was dumb. But it's a decent timewaster and the cast is awesome. I do wonder why it took them that long to arrest the cult leader on statutory rape charges.


Now that I've watched the rest it's interesting learning that Sarah Chalke was the one who created his technique. Also, they matched him up pretty good. Those two look good together.

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Sarah Chalke will always be Second Becky to me. I know it's terrible, but whenever I see her, I immediately think, "Oh, it's Second Becky."

You are not alone.


I like this show. Look, it's dumb. But sometimes dumb is okay. Plus, my other lighthearted procedural of Forever is pretty much dead in the water. So, if this sticks around I'll give it at least three seasons. Season 4 is about when Hart Hanson will fuck it up so.... there's that. 


Plus, I think I have a soft spot for Rainn Wilson. There's just something engaging and awesome about him. 

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I am with you on having a lighthearted procedural (as opposed to a L&O: SVU type procedural). I used to have Psych and I have Forever for the time being. Backstrom falls into the same category - there's some ridiculous case that will be solved but it will be silly and amusing.

I am still getting used to seeing Thomas Dekker as Valentine. I keep remembering him as Adam on The Secret Circle. That character had a real stick up his ass on that show so it's weird to see him having so much fun as Valentine.

Season 4 is about when Hart Hanson will fuck it up so.... there's that.

Dear Hart Hanson,

Please do not make Moto the murderous apprentice of a crazy serial killer weirdo.


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I like it, I like the characters, I like how they all interact. 


Agree that the mysteries are lacking and the redunant "I am" is annoying, but the characters make up for it.


For me Sarah Clarke is always Dr. Reid

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