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S04.E06: And the Model Apartment

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I saw that they made a lot from the models. They need to stop with the i am so poor I can only afford one outfit or bra crap. I know the aren't rich but go to Goodwill and get a t shirt, that joke is over used.

Best part about thus episode Earl and Chestnt, love them both.

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I'm okay with the bra thing for Max. Bras for a girl her size really need to be good quality to do any good and that gets pricey. Actually (admittedly I don't know what size Kat Dennings is) I'd be surprised if VS had bras her size. They tend to run smaller. 


I didn't like that this episode was basically just a big ad for tonight's VS runway show. 

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- Why does Sophie get so many cheers when she walks into a room? Is the actress/character that popular?


- I've never lived in NY so I might be wrong about this, but is their crappy apartment really that crappy? I actually really like their place. Judging by appearance alone, and the fact that it has outside space for a horse. I'd say it's pretty decent.


- Where were they going to stay before they knew Sophie was going to be out of town? 

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