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  1. A new great friendship formed in the season finale: Morgan and the horse. If the horse shows up again in the next season, it'll need its own character thread.
  2. maplebrew

    The Simpsons

    Since Smithers has a preference for at least one elderly gentleman, it might have worked out better to try and pair him off with George Takei.
  3. maplebrew

    S02.E07: Inflatable

    Those of us who sowed our wild oats before social media are fortunate! It's exciting that Kim is thinking about throwing off the golden bonds of big firm legal practice to venture out into sole practice. Being one's own boss does have an appeal, even if one has to grocery shop at the local dollar store to survive. But yes, it is going to end with tears and bitter recriminations.
  4. maplebrew

    Rick: Lord of the Thangs

    Rick's 'kill or be killed' attitude has gotten worse. Current Rick is ready to kill the Saviors, no questions asked. This attitude is understandable based on his experiences to date and given the information he has about this group. If Rick had this same attitude at the prison though, he would have killed all of the Governor's people, Tara included. Can't help but think that AZers will pay dearly for this new attitude.
  5. maplebrew

    Family Guy

    The black and yellow monster was scary looking.
  6. maplebrew

    S06.E12: Not Tomorrow Yet

    So true. I am still concerned though that Rick has too quickly put so much faith in the Hilltop story about the Saviors, even if what Jesus says about them is gospel truth.
  7. maplebrew

    S02.E03: Amarillo

    Jimmy has a self destructive streak. All he had to do was wait a few days to seek approval from the partners for the commercial. When speaking with Kim later, all he had to do was admit to her that he ran the commercial without approval. On some level he has to know she will eventually find out that he let her believe that he had approval. She's now going to be extra upset for both the commercial and 'lying' to her. If I were a firm partner, I'd seriously question Jimmy's judgment in running the commercial without clearance, even if the outcome for the firm was positive...this time. I too would have called him and chewed him out. When he slinks in the next day, I'd chew him out some more and tell him that this was "strike one" for his job. Jimmy's not a fit for this firm. It's no surprise he ends up in sole practice.
  8. maplebrew

    S10.E06: My Struggle II

    Since when can Mulder fight? The episode felt like a prequel to The Walking Dead. This episode tells the story of how most of humanity turned into zombies. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one whose brain went there
  9. maplebrew

    S06.E10: The Next World

    Rick and Michonne should have had those mints before kissing! Of course, the Grimes and Michonne officially became a family earlier in the episode with this: Carl: If you become a walker, I'll stab you in the head, cause I love you. Michonne: Aww, I'd chop your head off too.
  10. Besides learning about Bernadette's pregnancy, we also learned through Chuck Lorre's vanity card that he wants to be considered for the supreme court vacancy.
  11. maplebrew

    S06.E09: No Way Out

    What can we say except that Rick and his people "are a plague." One can never over use this Hershel quote. Most of the time I don't blame CDB for the fact that trouble has a way of finding them. But find them trouble does like in this episode. Red shirts die. Rick grows out some stubble, he does his sir hacks-a-lot bit and Rick + the Atlanta originals survive.
  12. but what is his cargo? Enid related teenage angst? ;-)
  13. maplebrew

    S10.E05: Babylon

    This episode will only be remembered as the one where Mulder got high. The whole episode was about trying to get information about the co-conspirators from the hospitalized young man. Einstein and Miller served no purpose that made them worth incorporating into the episode. Doggett and Reyes did faux-Scully/Mulder better. Even Tea Leoni/Gary Shandling did it better. All Einstein and Miller did was remind us how iconic and impossible to duplicate Scully and Mulder are as characters. Einstein and Miller's last conversation in the airport lounge was a waste of time. Don't care that they are figuring out how to work with each other. The whole mushrooms idea as a means of contacting the coma patient was probably Mulder's worst investigative idea ever. While I liked parts of the trip, the cowboy bar sequence went too long. Did squee at the long gunmen though. As someone said in the upthread, x-files is hit and miss in dealing with religious themes. The last Scully and Mulder discussion was a miss. It too was a superficial exchange. At least, right at the end, they circled back to the trumpets. Too bad that didn't turn out to be a factor in the episode. It would have been interesting for them to follow up on the trumpets. Now that would have been an opportunity to delve into the religious themes.
  14. maplebrew

    Michonne: A Weapon with a Weapon

    Yes, Michonne is a character that gets things done. No muss. No fuss. She gets little thanks for her efforts. It's a shame she is so underutilized on the show. Meanwhile, any number of red shirts have sucked attention away from her and other main characters. I know. Common complaint.
  15. maplebrew

    Carl: Troubled Boy-Man Or Man-Boy Trouble?

    A puffy shirt matched with a scruffy leather vest and matching eye patch would seriously increase Carl's coolness factor. Meanwhile, if Carl survives, and without brain damage, I'm going to have to call serious BS on that.