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  1. I enjoyed the first part with The Guy and the macho client, but the whole Max thing with the Meth was just bizarre and didn't seem to fit the premise of the show. I haven't seen the Web Series so not sure if the Max stuff was in there, but I could have done without it (though I did appreciate the hooking up scene with him and the guy who was in AA.)
  2. First, the idea that Kaitlyn slept with Shawn is still only conjecture. You might think they have, but we do not have any evidence of this yet. Second, she did tell him she regretted telling him he was the one. She made it clear he was NOT her boyfriend. Therefore I cannot agree that what Kaitlyn did was "cheating" at all. If Shawn has trust issues, then it's on him to go on this show, not Kaitlyn.
  3. I think HvV is an interesting season strategically, but such a bummer to watch; no one in it seem to enjoy being there, there is no joy in the show at all, except for Russell's joy at being a shitty person.
  4. The scene where the Dean brings Jeff the 5 cans of olives was one of the funniest scenes I've watched in recent years. Jeff's puzzlement and the Dean's satisfaction...I just cracked up.
  5. She did not. I did think she was talking about Alison, but since the Liars also believe that, I'm now convinced she wasn't. When are they ever right?
  6. I'm pretty sure that Fans vs. Favorites switched from a Final Three to a Final Two due to James' medical evacuation. Well, James' evacuation was probably the last straw that broke planning, since that's also the season where Kathy(?) quit and Penner was also medically evacuated. Other than readjusting for unplanned circumstances, I personally don't believe that producers switch things around so that their favourites last longer in the game. But since we don't know for sure, this is where most of the conspiracy theories start.
  7. I'd still rather have a dozen Alan Sugars than one Donald Trump.
  8. Ah, meeting Shii-Ann at TARCon 5, great memories! Topic: My least favorite player of all-time still remains Russell Hantz, watching him makes me actively angry. Same with Colton. My favorites are many; Rob M. and Rob C., Cirie, Parvati, Sandra, Yul, JT (despite his poor showing in HvV), Spencer and now Natalie Anderson.
  9. Well, something kinda did come out of it this season (San Juan del Sur), Natalie volunteered to go to Exile Island with Baylor and cemented her alliance with both her and Missy. Natalie did end up throwing Baylor out at five, but until then, this was probably her most valuable alliance.
  10. That was news to me. Didn't do a whole plot line of sending him to a stable for the winter in a previous season?
  11. I absolutely loved everything in Nick's storyline this week with Tran's granddaughter. They were great. Didn't enjoy the rest, though. The gender-stereotyping (I assure you, some of my male friends are more passive-aggressive than Cece and Jess were depicted this week) and the "lesson" that physical violence is the best way to address your issues. That whole plot just didn't sit right with me at all.
  12. Once upon a time, (on a) Road to Nowhere, I Found a Boy. Now We're Getting Somewhere! This Boy, The Boy From New York City, Always,
  13. Has there ever been a task in the entire history of this show, where the project manager doesn't completely ignore market research? It seems every time they send the sub team out to gather it, they keep working on their product so that when the market says their idea sucks, they feel it's too late to change anything. What's the point in doing market research then? The Relationship Guru is in the top of the very worst products ever thought out on this franchise. Ridiculously bad. I'm glad Pamela was fired if only because when she asked Lauren to let her finish speaking in the boardroom, Lauren did. But when Lauren asked her the same, she kept on talking over her telling her she was speaking around in circles. Hate that.
  14. I personally love this episode, the turning point in the story. Yes, it's a little exposition-heavy, but it's good exposition in my opinion. I am curious as to why they cut Kunzite's memory from the manga, they obviously refer to what it reveals, but the manga chose to reveal it here, while the anime didn't. Keeping Jadeite, Nephrite and Zoicite alive is obviously related, can't wait to see where they go with it!
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