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Scully & Hitchcock: Scitchcock!

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They really do kind of operate almost as one character, don't they?

I see them kind of in the same light as Kevin, or Stanley, in the Office.  As hilarious "furniture" in the background for us.  We don't really need to know anything more about them, other than the odd things which are funny.

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My favourite Scitchcock moments are actually in an episode where they shine (very briefly) individually.

In The Vulture, I laughed my arse off at Scully volunteering to go and buy a hairdryer from a drug store that was "four blocks away", and Jake lamenting that it might take him weeks. Then we see Scully jog to the end of the alley, and stop, gasping for breath.

Then there's Hitchcock in the apartment, coming up with the 'amazing' theory that the murder weapon was still in the body, and that's why it hadn't been found. He looked so proud of himself for thinking of it too.

Apart from that, I really enjoy their flashback scenes, just for the ugly suits, and the confirmation that they were always crazy and ineffective. These two work for me as cartoonish caricatures because the show never tries to make it seem like they should be considered more, like they do with Gina.

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I am now watching a CHiPs rerun where Dirk Blocker(Hitchcock) is playing one of a bunch of frat boys who  harass Officers Ponch and Jon in revenge for busting them for pot possession.



Endangering lives on the freeway, Hitchcock you should be ashamed!

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Does anyone have a good mnemonic for which is which?  One has hair on top; if that were Hitchcock it would work (H for Hitchcock, H for hair) but it's Scully.  Guess i can either remember it's backwards or decide it doesn't matter.

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