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S10.E23: Wendy McLendon-Covey

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Yeah, I liked Film Dub. It was almost as good as last week's. I guess Jonathan was doing the brunette woman who wasn't speaking. I liked when Colin's blonde lady was unexpectedly still moving her lips, so Colin just said, "La la la la."


I loved in Hollywood Director when Colin came out, mimed rolling the dice, then said, "CRAP!" I wanted to hear more of Jonathan doing the Muppets. Those were really good.


So funny when Colin opened the box in Secret and started cracking up. 

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Other than being disappointed that Wendy wasn't used more, it was a good, fun show!   (They had Peter Pan and Wendy for heaven's sake!)  Also, the Film Dub had two women, why couldn't Wendy have gotten to play?  This is not a knock on our Gentlemen Players, but just a question.


Intros: Wayne--Game of Thrones, Jonathan-- Game of Chance, Colin-- Game of Quidditch, and Ryan-- Game of Chicken.

Games: Hollywood Director, Dubbing, Film Dub, Secret, Living Scenery, and Scenes From a Hat.


I liked  Wayne's callback at the end of Scenes From a Hat.  I liked that it was Step 3.


It felt like a quick episode, to me. I was surprised when I checked the time after SFaH.


Oh, yeah--Colin loves pizza! *G*

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Film Dub again and no Helping Hands?  Whose Line, you spoil me!  (Keep it up.)


Jonathan was underused, but I guess that can't be helped when you have a guest that needs time.  I agree Wendy probably could have handled something more challenging but it's probably better to risk putting her on the spot.



I liked  Wayne's callback at the end of Scenes From a Hat.  I liked that it was Step 3.

To me the best part was that it was a save.  Colin didn't have a laugh good enough to exit on so he was floundering a bit.  And in typical improv style, Wayne delivered to get him out.  Very funny and great teamwork.

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