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AS4, S11&12: Kate Pankoke

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Maybe they feel bad because she's been eliminated twice in a double elimination!


I mostly like her -- she was really cool when paired with Tu, and I loved how honest she was about how awful the other contestants' personalities were.  It's only in her second season when she started out how describing what kind of "princess" she was being for each challenge that she was extremely grating.

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Why, oh why, does Kate Pancake get to come back for a 3rd time?

I'm not thrilled that Kate was cast on All Stars, but she isn't the first contestant to have three shots at the prize. Sweet P, Uli, Jeffrey, Mychael, Korto, and now Chris competed on original recipe PR, the one-off All Stars challenge, and a season of PR: All Stars. That being said, I think all of those designers are stronger than she is and all save Jeffrey are more pleasant to watch.

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I think all of those designers are stronger than she is


I actually really love a lot of Kate's designs. Her Miranda Lambert and Heidi gowns from Season 11 were stunning, and I had her as my winner for the Bowtie, Yogurt, Athleticwear and Carnival challenges. She was also the driving force behind her team in the Wallpaper challenge, IMO.


The S12 finale is the first and only time I was a little sour on her personality, and even then I didn't find her that bad. She was delusional thinking Alexandria was any harsher on her peers than anybody else, and coming to the defense of the odious Helen is never a good thing. But I am still pleased at the thought of a season full of her designs, and I am hopeful that she will tone down the meangirl act.

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Oh great.  This tacky, bitchy, shady, cowardly and talent-free trick is back again.  Kate's first design was taste-free - she is the ultimate cheesy bridal princess designer who is absolutely delusional about what a client familiar with luxury goods looks for, and worse, Kate has a fake-assed personality to boot (TWICE waving her hand in front of her face to show how upset she was at Patricia leaving?  Witch please). 


I hope Alexandria wins the challenge that sends Kate home, in a gale of tears and bad sewing and delusional attitude.  She SUCKS.  I can take bad attitude and occasional interesting design (Sebelia, Bennett, Michelle from Kate's season).  I cannot take the human equivalent of Ladies' Night at The Cheesecake Factory thinking she knows a g.d. thing about making beautiful, interesting clothes AND being a fake bitch on top of it.  No ma'am.

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