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  1. slensam

    S17.E10: What Do You Care About?

    The Melania jacket was subtle messaging?
  2. My most hated commercial right now has to be Botox Cosmetics for millennials. There is more generational cliche and stereotype packed in one commercial that I've ever seen.
  3. slensam

    HLN: Now With 100% More Helmet Hair!

    I thought when Nancy Grace retired she would stay retired; not be reincarnated as Ashleigh Banfield. Disappointing.
  4. slensam

    Project Runway In the Media

    Is this a joke? She's a young successful entrepreneur running an empire? Okay.
  5. slensam

    Project Runway In the Media

    I don't know, Bravo kind of sucks now. When Runway started it was sort of an artsy network. I don't know what the hell it is now.
  6. slensam

    S06.E10: Rock Your Face Off

    "Rhiannon" isn't rock? Sheeeeit!
  7. slensam

    S06.E06: Thrown For A Loop By Betty Boop

    As an aging male Gen X'er who "watched" "Embrace of the Vampire" more than once in the 90's I can attest to this.
  8. slensam

    TLC: But Trashy And Tacky Are Taken Already!

    Sometimes I wonder if this is the worst example of this happening or if its MTV. Music television my ass!
  9. If an ad pisses me off I go out of my way to stay away from that product or service. Even if it hurts. I hate trolls!
  10. My father would just say he was doing what he had to do. "Warrior" never entered the vocabulary.
  11. I really didn't know that's what flove meant. I'm fucking old! Fold?
  12. slensam

    S16.E13: Finale, Part 1

    Okay, I'm a heterosexual guy and I'd rather be with women. Men are real assholes these days. Maybe they always were.
  13. Are they getting political? "Make America Sober Again"? They changed one word. Creative!
  14. slensam

    S16.E10: Driving Miss Unconventional

    I don't get the models aspect of this show now. They tried this before and it failed. The designers don't need the models stabbing them in the back. Does Liris want her own reality show?
  15. slensam

    S16.E09: A Little Avant Garde

    Those twins were so fucking draining, that's all I know.