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  1. Thanks, I know this is off topic but sometimes I don't know if its the other person being erased but also your own identity.
  2. Thanks. Reason I ask is this was what happened to my father and now what may be happening to my partner very shortly. Not good.
  3. They're confusing punk with new wave.
  4. This show seems to like to go back in the past a lot. It's like an aging band; playing the greatest hits over and over again. I didn't watch this episode since I lived in Jersey at the time and read all the NYC tabloid crap. Then there were the three Amy Fisher movies in the early 90's...
  5. I only saw the last half hour or so. It was a terrible thing that happened but there seems to be an assumption that she was on the cusp of greatness. I don't see it. She wasn't a great actress and the career arcs of famous Playboy Playmates was not great. Even Bogdanovich was on a downhill slide at the time.
  6. This, along with other commercials that use songs from the 90's are getting it from songwriters that died recently. STP, Cramberries, George Michael, etc. The families and band members don't give a damn. I just wonder if this stuff would've been used if they were still alive. Anything with Petty or Bowie yet?
  7. Me too. Though I still think I might have it. Still alive though.
  8. The Melania jacket was subtle messaging?
  9. My most hated commercial right now has to be Botox Cosmetics for millennials. There is more generational cliche and stereotype packed in one commercial that I've ever seen.
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