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S24.E05: Can't Make Fish Bite

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I don't care how decently Rachel is behaving this time around, I still have a visceral dislike for her. It's extremely frustrating that she & Brendon keep plummeting from first to last or nearly-last, and STILL manage to avoid elimination. Bah.

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I love it when two teams are way behind and I'd be perfectly happy with losing either of them. Flying standby vs. risking a super-tight connection is rock-and-a-hard-place -- you certainly can't count on either of them, though if you know one other team is also facing the same choice, smart racing would dictate sticking together. But somehow R&B and M&L both somehow didn't seem to realize the other team was also scrambling? From what I recall they both said "all the other teams" had made the other flight.

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Did Margie & Luke never get the word that the previous leg was non-elimination, and thus thought that "all the other teams" were on the earlier flight? And Rachael & Brendan (I'm not going to look up how to spell either of their names...nor am I going to use their appalling self-imposed team nickname) were far enough behind to think that Margie & Luke were on the earlier flight with everyone else, I assume. And then M&L never saw another team the entire time, from what I could tell.

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I never thought about Margie and Luke possibly not knowing that Brendan and Rachel weren't eliminated. I can't remember now if they talked about Brendan and Rachel or not. I'll have to go back and watch. That's an interesting thought.

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I love it when two teams are way behind and I'd be perfectly happy with losing either of them.


That's what I felt during the mixing challenge in the last leg: 'Hey, I dislike both of these teams and at least one of them is going home! It's a win-win for me.' Stupid NEL.

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I'm not sure I follow why it would have mattered to M/L if B/R had been eliminated in the previous leg. I agree they didn't see anyone but when no other teams were on their morning flight they had to know they were last. I suppose they could have thought it may be the NEL but I wouldn'tbe surprised if production let them skip the last RB because they at that time were likely over 6 hours behind everyone else.

If you look at their faces when they stepped on the mat it was clear they knew they were done.

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I believe that Margie and Luke confirmed in an exit interview that they skipped all the tasks in Sri Lanka; their clues simply directed them straight to the next location.  So yes, the definitely knew they were toast.

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I wonder what production thought after they planned two legs in Sri Lanka and the Twinnies were already eliminated.

Finally a task I would actually be good at, sewing. Some of those shirts looked awful.

Margie and Luke were goners.

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