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S01.E06: Moving On

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Remember when, in Season 1 of "Heroes", Sylar cut the top of some girl's skull off and ripped her brain out? I'm pretty sure Zachary Quinto had the exact same expression on his face while watching Shane's drag act. LOL

I wonder how many minutes of footage they had of Quinto's expressions to play around with for this episode. I'll bet the original edit for this episode could have been VERY long!

Knowing how bad Shane's movie actually turned out, I hate to say this, but he "seems" to know what he's doing on the set. He's making decisions and listening to feedback, but knows when to take that feedback and when to ignore it. So, I GUESS the movie turned out the way he wanted it (sad, I know).

Ah-na, on the other hand, continues to drive me crazy with her neediness and complete lack of backbone. Why can't she make any decisions without having multiple people tell her how good she's doing? Everyone is scared to say anything negative around her. I want to see what happens if they do. Will she REALLY fall apart completely? That seems to be the concensus among her crew (I'm sorry--her "support system").

I'd like to see a live feed of Shane and Ah-na as they watch this show -- kind of a documentary about people watching a documentary about themselves. Are they mortified by this show? Are they proud? I'd love to know.

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"I told him to be mindful of... taste" caused me to have to pause and rewind MULTIPLE times to enjoy the inner anguish of Quinto.

Since Chris isn't around much, Zachary Quinto is who keeps me tuned in. I felt secondhand embarrassment when I saw Zachary's expression while watching Shane in drag. Oy.

Also Shane's hair and underbite piss me off.

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After reading the reviews, I was wondered if anyone at the time realized what a train wreck Shane was directing.


It sure looks like Zachary did. (On the other hand, Chris, when he was talking to the tattoo parlor owner, was like "Yeah, sure, whatever. . . as long as we make budget and I get my footage."

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