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Judge Judy vs Judge Everybody Else: Compare & Contrast

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Right? Talk about overkill. I also had a pre-emption for tennis, so I checked out something called Supreme Justice with Judge Karen. It was pretty obvious that the litigants were actors. That's a turnoff to me in a court show, but kind of an interesting observation of improv at work.


A little googling turned up this, if there are any interested aspiring performers here!

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Whoa! I saw an episode of Hot Mess, yesterday. The case was a mother who bought a car for adult son. Per mom, son was supposed to pay her back $115 per month. Son says there was never an agreement that he'd pay her and that it wasn't the type of car he wanted in the first place. He did, however, get the car registered in his name and got it insured (which is suspiciously odd behavior for anyone on a court show, but I digress.) And he said she wanted him to pay $1500 immediately and then pay $150 per month. So mom shows an email where he more or less acknowledges the payments he is supposed to make.


The Judges convene: Judge Larry essentially says the son is a scammer and mom shouldn't be out the money. Judge Tanya says she's not sure if there was a contract. Judge Patricia gives a mini-lecture about contracts. Judge P. and Judge T. don't take the email acknowledgement into account and don't buy Judge L's argument that scammer accepting the car fulfilled a contract's offer-acceptance criteria. They decide that either scammer pays mom or he gives mom the car back.


So, then I watch JJ and the dog who came in from the gale force winds and killed the cat case. JJ tells smirky doggie defendant that morally he should have offered to pay for at least half of kitty's vet bill. And when smirky tells her he did offer to pay, JJ ruled for the plaintiff with smirky paying 1/2 of the vet bill.  Because JJ took smirky's admission that he was willing to pay as a acknowledgement of liability.          

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as a acknowledgement of liability

Not necessarily, a lot of civil suits are settled with no admission of liability because it is cheaper to buy off a plaintiff than to go to court, even if you eventually win.

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If Judge Mathis and Judge Lynn Toler (Divorce Court) banned the use of the word 'basically' like Judge Judy does, those shows would have many minutes of silence in every episode. I like those other shows, but the word is so overused. Thank you, Judge Judy, for not allowing people to begin sentences with 'basically.'

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