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Rob: Representing the real 'Merica


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Here's your Rob topic.  I am open to suggestions for a new thread title.  Too many to set up to be witty and I don't know these people yet.  I haven't watched any live feeds.

From the Utopia Website:


Rob Hospidor, 38, engaged
Hometown: South Amboy, N.J.
“I’m a G**damn patriot,” says proud Jersey son Rob, who’s excited to represent “the real ‘Merica” in a Utopia he suspects will be filled with “liberals, hippies, kumbayahs, and hairy-legged broads.” Good luck, bro!

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Well, the worst of a really bad bunch. I still have another half hour to go, so I may change my mind, but at this point he's beating out Drunken Sexual Harasser Josh for biggest loser and most worthy of leaving. And then I read his bio - just supports my belief.

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I'm a veteran, but I do think that you can be patriotic and not have served in the armed forces. That said, I'm not defending Rob at all. He's a yahoo who has rage problems. I don't want him as a representative for our country.

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You are right, GenL.  You don't have to have been in the military to have served our country.  There are other ways.


I'd just like a little evidence beyond hollow claims of being a "patriot."  It's not about hot air nor flag waving.  Somewhere there is effort and maybe a little sacrifice.

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