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Away from the oppression of Thornfield, Twig reconnects with her culture and her own grief. As June finally learns to speak the truth, Alice’s dream of Dylan as her loving counterpart begins to transform into a nightmare.

Premiere Date: August 25, 2023      Prime Video       

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Wheel of Fire   
Meaning: The color of my fate

Wait, what? Candy still has her blue hair? I thought she… err, never mind. I was wrong.

Finally, the story that I’ve been waiting for about “Robber Baron”. What happened to June was deeply horrifying and traumatic. This revelation does provide some clarity on June’s protective behavior, her secretive nature, why she doesn’t trust men and why she thinks there’s a darkness in Clem. June grows closer to Candy as her health deteriorating. Will Twig and Alice make it in time?

Twig spending an emotional night out in the nature with an indigenous tribe - it’s my favorite part of this episode. It’s good for her to let go some of the emotional burdens that she’s been carrying for so long.

Hey Alice, stop being so submissive will ya? Every time he throws a tantrum, are you gonna keep comforting him, keep apologizing even though it’s not your fault and keep promising to never set him off again? That frustrated scream at the end, it better leads her away from him and not back into his arm. That’s not love. Alice’s inability to recognize the emotional manipulations early on is very concerning.

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Great episode. We (the audience) knew that Dylan was Clem Redux an episode or two ago, and you want to shout that out to Alice, but I guess it's true to life that victims repeat patterns. Despite the audience knowing where the Dylan/Alice relationship was headed, it was still harrowing.

The actress who plays Twig is awesome. Her breakdown was so authentic and moving. And this show has to be some of Sigourney Weaver's best work ever.

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Twig and Candy Blue are the only two characters i liked.

Still not a fan of adult Alice's acting.  I can see how she fell for the guy but her subconscious acting out as her mother telling her to let the asshole in was infuriating.  Let him in and it wont be that bad? Are you serious??

Surprised on the real story of the Red Barron.  To be gang raped would have been traumatic but then to have a child.  I wonder if she even gave Clem more than the barest of attention till Twig came along.

Glad that episode 7 is the final. Hopefully Alice gets some peace.

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The series took a nose-dive for me with how it portrays the adult Alice - dancing, drinking, having sex, giggling, driving, etc.  A lot of wasted time when there are better ways to tell her story.

But I appreciate the fine performances of the other actors. And as a gardener I've really enjoyed learning about Australia's flowers; some of them are so beautiful they don't seem real. (Especially as I regard my own drought-, heat-, and blight-ravaged garden.) 

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