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HBO Original documentary BS High explores the lucrative and cut-throat world of football prep programs, where careers and reputations can be made and the dreams and well being of young athletes hang in the balance.

When a nationally-televised high school football game between top-ranked IMG Academy and unknown Bishop Sycamore High School ended with multiple injuries on the field and a 58-0 blowout win for IMG Academy, the fiasco caused fans and audiences to question the legitimacy of the Bishop Sycamore program and its head coach, Roy Johnson.


Premieres August 23 (time TBA) on HBO and streams on Max

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It was fascinating.  You feel for those young men he deceived:  no football, no college educations.  

I read an interview with the producers where they said they deliberately kept the footage of Johnson to a minimum because otherwise he came off as charming.

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It was interesting watching a narcissist in action. Although, there were times when I also wondered if he was a sociopath, because the complete and total lack of remorse for anything he had done was mind-blowing. 


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His laugh and his smile for the camera in the face of all his actions, just creeped me out. You could just see the evil behind the smile and the laugh. While those boys and their families suffered and still suffer. I mean LOANS?! He made them take out government LOANS?!

I hope that HBO compensated these young men for their participation, to ease the financial burden of what that monster put them through.


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