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S02.E01: The Perils of Being a Wealthy Widow

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One year into launching Minx Magazine, Joyce struggles to pick a new publisher she can trust. Drowning in debt, Doug scrambles to keep his company afloat. Shelly goes back to the ’burbs to focus on her family.

Premiere Date: July 21, 2023    Starz     9pm

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3 hours ago, peachmangosteen said:

OK episode. Mostly just set up.

Yep.  And undoing what they did at the end of last season.  I'm not entirely a fan of when they do that.  It feels like a waste of a plot move--especially when it;'s done by a timely benefactor.

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Not much in the way of previouslies. I can't remember what happened barely. Like why Doug needs money so bad. Doesn't he have 9 other magazines?

I don't like Doug and Joyce being separated; so I'm glad they didn't drag it out over several episodes. 

Mikey Two Fingers is a brilliant name. 

I can't believe Joyce didn't think of Constance to publish. It was my first thought. 

It was nice of Joyce to admit that Doug does actually know what he's doing. I mean, I'm sure they're going to argue. Joyce could have said he borrowed the dog from a friend too. 





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I'm not sure about that. Each of the traditional publishing houses were throwing money at her, but, while she certainly took too long, you could see clearly they wouldn't have been a good fit; they all had the same photo montage. Then at the end when she was going to sign, the men were so condescending; oh, the 'gals' over at Vogue like to correct us too. Joyce would have ended up killing them. 

Constance is a hero to Joyce, and gave her controlling interest in Minx. I doubt any IP generated by Joyce if she signed with the publishing company would have been hers. Maybe they'd own copyright to new photos, etc. 

Certainly, the new situation is going to be a host of problems; that's why we have the show. But I think the show got it right as to whom Joyce would really want for a publisher. I suppose they could have gone the route of her selling out, but that's not as funny, and Doug and Joyce blazing the trail in their own ways is really the draw for me. 

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YouTube has a pretty good recap of Season 1 for those who need a refresher course like I did.

I agree this episode mostly felt like setup and basically just undid how Season 1 ended. But Season 1 might have ended that way in case they didn't get a second season (which they almost didn't). I don't think I'd want to see Doug and Joyce in two separate storylines so I'll give it a pass.

21 hours ago, DoctorAtomic said:

I can't believe Joyce didn't think of Constance to publish. It was my first thought. 

Well she's not a publisher. She has a lot of money but no background or experience in publishing anything. She's basically just bankrolling them, Doug is still going to do the actual publishing.

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