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S18.E07: Auditions 7

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Can't even be bothered to snark at most of these people tonight.

The Ukrainian hand balancers in the air were impressive and the first act that inspired me to stop playing Bubble Dragons and even start a comment. We've seen a million hand balancers and aerialists but I don't think we've seen them in one act...

The invisible card trick was pretty neat, too.

Creepy dancers (from Kyrgyzstan? is that a first?) were cool but I really could have done without the two idiots' reactions in the audience. And that throat thing...omg.

Of course they had Simon's son out there before the moms with the baby heart transplant story came out. They weren't the best singers, but they still got a small tear out of me. I would have totally rolled my eyes if they got a GB, though.

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I’m a huge rhythmic gymnastics fan so very flexible people don’t bother me. The group from Kyrgyzstan, though, are taking it way too far. That stuff just grosses me out. Wished they hadn’t gone through. 

I like the story of the last performers and that they’re raising awareness about organ donation but they’re singing voices weren’t great. I wonder what their song in the next round will be, techno version of For Good? Also, anyone else notice that they’re blouse/cardigan colors were the same but reversed? 

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That was one of the worst episodes of this crap I've seen, and that's saying something. 

To be fair, I was particularly exhausted yesterday, but I fell asleep at least 3 times. 

Next week is "Simon's Most Memorable Auditions," or "how to stretch this crap out another week." 

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I am getting tired of these shows putting people through because of their back story and not because they are talented and should be on show.  AI is worse but this show is catching up.  I miss the mean Simon that was brutally honest with people instead of this new, warm and fuzzy version of Simon.


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They must've run out of decent auditions last week.  Lord, this was awful - with one major exception - Cakra, aka David Clayton Thomas.

Thomas was the lead singer for the legendary Blood, Sweat, and Tears group.  This guy's voice is incredibly similar.  If he does not choose a BS&T standard like "Spinning Wheel" in his next performance, he is nuts.  Yeah, I know, production often dictates.  He is the first singer in ages I would actually vote for.

Magic Mike's concept was brilliant.  Not sure about the flow of the presentation, though.  I want to see more.

Maybe Simon should hire face yoga lady to sit in the audience and literally make faces they could edit in for future acts.  Face mask guy maybe should learn to be a goalie in hockey.

The mom's with the transplant lads is arguably the single most treacly moment evah on TV.  I was horrified to think a GB was a comin' since they were the last act.  Thankfully, there were none in this loathsome presentation.  Cakra would have been worthy, though.

I must admit I like the symmetry of a Simon "best of" going up against Shark Week.  Someone at SYCO definitely has a sense of humor.

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All these acts from different parts of the world. 

"Why AGT?"

"Because it's the biggest stage in the world!"

Just once, could someone say "because I want to show that America doesn’t "got" talent,  but (France, Ukraine,  Indonesia) does!

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