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  1. So multiple books is not enough, now Hoda has a podcast, too!? Why, universe? Why?
  2. I missed the first act, singing trio who apparently sang about stalking an ex, I was outside playing with my dog. What song was it?
  3. https://www.today.com/news/willard-scott-dead-t152927 Willard Scott passed away today. ☹️ The link has pictures of him dressed up in costumes, sometimes to raise money for charity. He seems like he was a sweet, fun guy. On a selfish note, I dreading Monday's show. The sad montage of clips, anchors talking about their favorite moments with him, classical music playing, "he was just beloved by everyone!,' Kathie Lee mentioning something religious, like him being an angel now or he's with God, the schmaltz. My word, the schmaltz. Anyone know why he stopped announcing the Smuckers c
  4. Every magician on this show does some variation of the same damn trick: magician has a judge wrote something on a paper/card/etc and/or rip one up. Stuff happens on stage, blah blah blah and then magician reaches into his pocket, Terry’s shoe or wherever the hell and “TA-DA!” pulls out the exact! same! card/paper/etc!!! 😮 Seriously, how many times do the judges have to see this before they stop acting like this is a brand new trick? I guess the different variations make it seem brand new!? I do give this guy credit for making people think Seal was gonna walk out of the audience and u
  5. Anyone else concerned about Ariana coaching due to her inability to enunciate? I’m picturing a contesting singing a song where you can’t figure out what the words are and Ariana praising the hell out of it “yes! Sing it like that!”
  6. That’s too bad. Poor Lindsay. Anyone notice how, in the last 5 min or so of the show, Simon, Terry, Howie and everyone else kept saying UniCIRCLE Flow instead of UniCYCLE Flow?
  7. Liked Lindsay Sterling. Hated the filler ‘Darcy Lynne learns to drive omg lol so funny’ crap.
  8. Why is Keith on this show? WTF did I just watch? How can anyone like this? Where’s the talent? How can anyone like this over any of the other acts, that are actually skilled? Sofia, Heidi and Howie said he was funny? Where? I didn’t see anything funny. I’m losing brain cells watching this shit.
  9. This is too brilliant for words!
  10. Long dominated by Russia, rhythmic gymnastics rising in US This is a great article on the superior gymnastics discipline (just IMO?) and it's American athletes struggles in the US. I've been following, watching, learning about, talking about and adoring the sport since 2003. Things have gotten better over the years. There's more media about it now, more people are talking about looking forward to watching it during the Games, I think fewer people are making fun of it and saying shit like "how is that a sport?!" The changes are very slow, though, and we have lightyears to go. I've fou
  11. Thank you! My mom and I were talking about this. It’s all about her dad, his medical issues, how he built a beam in the backyard, loves and supported her, etc. All that’s true, but Suni’s dad is not her only family member. I’m certain her mom and siblings have been just as instrumental in her success. But no, let’s shine all the spotlights on Dad because that’s the REALLY important part of the story! Anyone else think NBC is annoyed that Suni’s dad isn’t wearing all 3 medals in Suni’s tweet that @scarynikki12 posted? They’re probably reminding themselves “well, at least her Dad’s wearing
  13. I feel the same way. Ellie made some mistakes but I really wanted to see her medal. Yet I’m overjoyed for Simone. The beam final has me all conflicted!
  14. Hearing that Nastia called Chellsie fat reminds me of the interview she (Chellsie) did with HBO years ago where, between giggles, she said she ate a piece of fruit for breakfast, chicken for lunch and another piece of fruit for dinner.
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