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S01.E10: Poison Pill

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With one of their own in trouble, the team scrambles to find a solution before it's too late. Elsewhere, Harvey undertakes a risky gambit to get the answers he seeks.



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Gotham Academy has everything doesn't it? Good thing Harper just grabbed the Geiger counter on day.

Big Bad Harv wants Harvey to essentially overdose on his meds so they can have a tea party. We know he'll live but come on man.

Gotham Academy also has iodine tablets? Why did Bruce even have a Bat Cave? He should have just come by the school after hours.

It took Turner almost dying for Carrie to give him the pages. Not that they understood what they mean. Turner you're dying so just let the anger at Carrie go. 

I would still prefer a Stephanie/Cullen ship so Harper taking her jealousy out on Stephanie, who has done nothing wrong, is not working for me. I'd rather she was just hostile due to coming from different worlds and being looked down upon by the people from Stephanie's than all the jealousy.

Nice job, Steph on the weed misdirect.

What's crazy, Brody, is your mom wears cocktail attire to the grocery store.

Aw, Harvey, I feel for you but let Harv out to play. You're on a Two-Face Journey so just cut to the chase.

Don't hospitals have a paper trail for the blood in their inventory? I suspect Dr. Mom may lose her job.

Of course Brody's mom is the main bad. She wears giant ass pearls to put gas in her car. 

And now we get Turner and Duella hooking up in the library. Nice to see them behaving like teenagers.

So Brody is the new Talon?

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My DVR recording was so blurry I couldn't read the text message, good thing Stephanie summarized it for me. I would prefer they do a close up of the phone or break the text out as a large bubble, if they are going to force you to read text messages.

My screen was so dark and blurry that I couldn't even tell whether Turner was on the top or the bottom when making out with Duela.

Everything being so dark is the problem I have with almost every Superhero TV show. If you don't know what I mean here is a publicity still from this episode, it is just a regular scene, why is it and everything else so dark.


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Not too surprised that Rebecca would end up being a part of the Court, but I didn't predict that she was that high up in the food chain.  Even orders Lincoln around.  I also notice she kept referring to Brody as his son, so is she not his biological mother?  Either way, killing him like that was cold as hell.  But I'm guessing Lincoln revived him.  New Talon perhaps?

Since Stephanie has now said she hasn't felt a "spark" for either Brody or Turner (after he kissed her), I guess they are opening the door for her possibly discovering that she is gay or bi, and then Stephanie/Harper will happen.  Because it's totally happening, guys!  Speaking of which:

Surprised that Turner and Duela have not only kissed, but seem to be preparing to get busy right in the library.  Oh, those crazy kids!  What would their parents think?!!

I guess something is going to come out of Carrie's mom now knowing the truth or at least part of it.

Misha Collins seem to be having fun playing the duo Dents.  Honestly, he was more interesting as the evil one, so I kind of wanted him to "win" and take control.  I suspect he isn't actually "dead' though.

Cool that Elizabeth Henstridge directed this one.

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On 5/30/2023 at 11:28 PM, AnimeMania said:

My screen was so dark and blurry that I couldn't even tell whether Turner was on the top or the bottom when making out with Duela.

He was on the bottom.

Yeah, I and especially my Mom get annoyed at how unnecessarily dark a lot of shows and movies are these days. Buffy and Angel weren't like that even in night scenes. The audience should be able to see what's happening.

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We seen that hook up coming before the series even aired!  Batman's adopted son and the Joker's daughter.  Turner and Stephanie's was much thicker in the early episodes. I knew the March boy was going to "die"  and mama couldn't be trusted. 

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